Free guides for data professionals: Apache Spark & Delta Lake tutorials

These Databricks guides are aimed at introducing the data science, analytics, business intelligence, risk assessment professionals to Delta Lake and Apache Spark platform to solve data challenges and increase data reliability.

All resources are free to download:

Solving Business Needs with Delta Lake

High quality, reliable data forms are the backbone for all successful data endeavors, from reporting and analytics to machine learning.

In this guide, we will walk you through the application of Delta Lake to address four common industry use cases with approaches and reusable code samples. These can be repurposed to solve your own data challenges and empower downstream users with reliable data.

A Gentle Introduction to Apache Spark™

With Spark’s appeal to developers, end-users, and integrators to solve complex data problems at scale, it is now the most active open source project with the big data community.

Databricks is happy to present this ebook as a practical introduction to Spark. If you are a developer or data scientist interested in big data, Spark is the tool for you.