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Data Maturity Improves Profits For Businesses Drastically
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IDC defines data maturity as the degree to which an organization successfully uses data and incorporates it into decision-making. The IDC white paper investigates the relationship between an organization’s data maturity and its financial performance. In contrast to organizations with lower degrees of data maturity, those with the greatest levels

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Planetscale Introduces Serverless Driver For Javascript
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PlanetScale just released serverless driver for JavaScript to enhance database accessibility from serverless edge deployments. It was created with the intention of creating a universally functional, simple-to-configure mechanism for edge services. The actual driver for the new PlanetScale service makes advantage of the JavaScript Fetch API standard to support HTTP connections.

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Google Employees Filed A Petition To Stop The Collection Of Abortion Data
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More than 650 Google employees have signed a petition requesting that the company make sure that no user health data, including information on abortion, is ever kept or provided to US law enforcement. The petition was submitted after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court in June

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Enabling Customer Data Compliance With Identity-Based Retention
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With increased compliance laws in recent years governing how organizations must manage, retain and eventually delete customer data, it is vital that policies and processes are put in place so that obligations can be met and individual rights respected. For instance, one of the common challenges is what must happen

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Resilient Data Stream Processing Begin With Redundancy
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Applications and products that react to events in real time, such as self-driving cars, heart monitors and flight bookings, require a reliable data flow to function correctly. Think about the disruptions caused when Facebook, AWS or Slack go down. Or take the example of an application designed to monitor electrocardiogram

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Qudit Computers Open Endless Possibilities By Exceeding The Binary System
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Most quantum computers rely on quantum bits, or “qubits,” which may individually represent two numbers, 0 or 1. Researchers have now created a quantum computer based on quantum digits, also known as “qudits,” each of which can encode seven numbers. In addition to offering more processing capability with fewer parts,

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