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Big Data and analytics go hand-in-hand. New and improved tools allow vast data sets to be finessed, and previously unmanageable data structures to be tamed.

Spinnakr - Making Real-Time Web Analytics Actionable
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We caught up with Adam Bonnifield, co-founder at US-based Big Data Analytics startup Spinnakr to discuss his view on Web Analytics and his plans for Spinnakr . Adam, please tell us more about yourself and your company. I am Adam Bonnifield, the Co-Founder of Spinnakr. We are a new way

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Big Data Analytics Named Most Influential Technology For The Future
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Big data analytics has a topped a survey on which disruptive technologies will have the biggest influence in three years time. The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Dynamic Visualisation’ came in second and third respectively. The survey, carried out Nimbus Ninety in support of their May IGNITE summit, surveyed 200 senior

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Understanding Big Data: The Seven V'S
BI & AnalyticsData ScienceUnderstanding Big Data

By now, it’s almost impossible to not have heard the term Big Data- a cursory glance at Google Trends will show how the term has exploded over the past few years, and become unavoidably ubiquitous in public consciousness. But what you may have managed to avoid is gaining a thorough

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Simply Smart: Automated Decisions For Services
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Uwe Weiss is CEO of Blue Yonder, a leading provider of predictive analytics. He has more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise software sector and he is an expert in cloud computing and SaaS. Mr. Weiss was the co-founder and CEO of various successful start-ups and growth companies,

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Mapegy - Helping You Navigate The Technology Jungle
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We caught up with Luis Sperr, Head of Business Development & Consulting at Berlin-based Big Data startup Mapegy. Mapegy (from: mapping data for your strategy) is a Berlin based Big Data start-up that helps high-tech companies make more informed decisions with technology insights from global science, patents, press, web and

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Autogrid - Turning Big Data Into Power
BI & AnalyticsEnergy & EnvironmentInterviews

  We caught up with Sandra Kwak, Director of Marketing and Ecosystem Partnerships at US-based Big Data startup Autogrid, to talk about their company and products. AutoGrid uses the power of big-data analytics to handle the exponentially expanding wave of information being generated by smart meters, building management systems, voltage regulators,

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Entering A New Era Of Technology: At&Amp;T Innovation Showcase
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Last Friday saw AT&T presenting new prototypes and discussing the future of technology at their Innovation Showcase in New York. Among the prototypes displayed were GPS sensors for luggage, software for streamlining equipment management in businesses and accessible data visualisation software than can be run from a laptop or tablet.

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Immerse Yourself In Microsoft'S Infinity Room
BI & AnalyticsNews

There seems to be a recent trend for installations allowing the public to visualise and experience Big Data. Yesterday, we reported on the Chicago: A City of Big Data exhibit, full of interactive exhibits that allow users to see how they contribute to the massive amounts of information generated every

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Chicago: City Of Big Data
BI & AnalyticsNews

‘Did you know data has become a 21st century design material?’ This is the question posed by the exhibition, Chicago: City of Big Data. Most people are by now familiar with this overused term, but few are considering the way architects, planners and engineers are using Big Data to remould

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5 Lessons From Amazon Ratings
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When it comes to marketing a product, Amazon ratings can make or break a business. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been talked in to (or out of) buying a product based on a passionate review or a high or low rating. Nithyanand Kota spent alot of time contemplating

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