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Big Data and analytics go hand-in-hand. New and improved tools allow vast data sets to be finessed, and previously unmanageable data structures to be tamed.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal Marks A Shakeup Of The Big Data Landscape
BI & AnalyticsNews

The Cambridge Analytica story is starting to take over the news cycle, as the public learns just how the Trump campaign and its donors used Facebook ads to create a massive sociopolitical shakeup. Facebook has come under extreme scrutiny about what went wrong when it came to protecting our data

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An Introduction To Markov Chains Using R
BI & Analytics

Analytics has become an integral part of our daily lives. We don’t even realize how analytics is driving our decisions, our activities, our interests, our shopping behavior and more. Companies are using analytics to identify potential acquisition opportunities, their future market performances, customer behavior and many other areas. One such

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Mind Your Internet Manners: When, Where And How To Crawl For Data
BI & AnalyticsTechnology & IT

A wealth of information, an ocean of data – and more funny cat videos than you could watch in a lifetime. The internet is all that and more, at the service of humanity that seeks to know more, do more and be more than ever before. Much of that data

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Object Storage And Data Analytics: The Road To Democratization
BI & AnalyticsData Science

The call to democratize data analytics today is unmistakable. The desire and need to perform analyses of company data, within all departments, has lead to this broad trend up and down the corporate landscape. By definition, data democratization is the principle that each one of us has access (and rights) to

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How Big Data Analytics Is Boosting Cybersecurity
BI & AnalyticsCybersecurity

Information and business data are among the most valuable assets of any company. Entrepreneurs are increasingly cognizant of the importance of this data for their success in the current market economy.     Knowing this, we need to understand how to protect this information. Big data analytics professionals are making use of

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5 Ways Big Data And Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce In 2018
BI & AnalyticsBig Data

Almost everything we do, both online and offline, is a source for data. As technology increases, the ways to measure and collect data also increase. One of the ways we understand our world is to study trends in behavior. The issue that people run into now, however, is that technology

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Predictive Maintenance: Why It’s Important And How To Implement It
BI & AnalyticsMachine Learning

For those companies who have been collecting machine data for years, an incredible opportunity exists in making this data actionable. Utilizing actionable data can offer an invaluable competitive advantage by enabling companies to streamline operational processes, optimize demand forecasting and better understand their customers’ propensity to buy. In particular, predictive

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BI & AnalyticsTech Trends

Business intelligence, or BI, plays a key role in the strategic planning of organizations and is used for multiple purposes, including measuring performance progress toward business goals, performing quantitative analysis, reporting and data sharing, and identifying customer insights. Business intelligence involves the use of computing technologies to identify, discover and

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Ranking The World'S Top Ceos Using Social Media Sentiment Data
BI & AnalyticsData ScienceFeatured

CEOs of the world’s leading companies have a global influence that stretches beyond their own business and commercial interests. The general public is increasingly looking to the people steering some of the largest companies in the world for their views on political and social issues. In a Financial Times article

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Why You Should Combine Machine Learning With Knowledge Graphs
BI & AnalyticsData NativesTech TrendsTechnology & IT

Cognitive applications have become constant companions at our places of work. We expect smart systems to reduce repetitive workloads and support us in uncovering new Knowledge. As a result, data scientists and software engineers are applying various machine learning algorithms to finetune results and increase processing capabilities. At the same time,

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