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Big Data Saving Lives: Pioneering Blood Cancer Research
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Researchers at the University of Leeds have pioneered a data mining system for individualising blood cancer treatment, which could revolutionise all cancer care. The blood cancer research was focused around non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which affects 10,000 people in the UK annually, making it the sixth most common cancer. The system, funded by the

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Western Union Fights Wire Transfer Fraud With Big Data
Big DataFinanceNews

Big data is allowing Western Union to be proactive in fight against fraudulent wire transfers. They are using massive databases of customer information to analyse the risk that particular transactions may be fraudulent. If they believe any given transaction is the result of a scam, they have the power to

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Massive Analytic - Big Data, Decisions And Outcomes
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We met up with the team of Massive Analytic at CeBit in Hannover. Massive Analytic was awarded an innovation grant by the U.K. government in March 2013. Massive Analytic were also a part of top 12 tech U.K. companies last year. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re doing in

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