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Thought leaders on Big Data sharing their insights on recent developments and challenges facing the rapidly growing field. If you have suggestions on experts to be featured in this section, feel free to reach out to

Q&Amp;A With Big Data Thought Leader, Ami Gal – Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016
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Meet Ami Gal, Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016 Speaker Ami Gal is the CEO and Founder of SQream Technologies, a big data startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ami is an expert when it comes to big data and will serve as a speaker during Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016.

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Q&Amp;A With Mapr'S Crystal Valentine - Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016
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Meet Crystal Valentine, Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016 Keynote Speaker Crystal Valentine is VP of Technology Strategy at MapR Technologies in San Jose, California and will serve as a keynote speaker during Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016. Dr. Valentine received her doctorate in Computer Science from Brown University and was

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&Quot;Smile And Nod.&Quot; - Data Scientist Jeroen Latour On The Value Of The 'Big Data' Buzzword
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Jeroen is a Senior Data Scientist with a consultancy in the Netherlands called TriFinance and he will soon be joining the team as a Data Scientist. He remarks on his analytics consultancy experience here which was formed both at IBM and TriFinance. Follow Peadar’s series of interviews with data

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Spinnakr - Making Real-Time Web Analytics Actionable
BI & AnalyticsInterviews

We caught up with Adam Bonnifield, co-founder at US-based Big Data Analytics startup Spinnakr to discuss his view on Web Analytics and his plans for Spinnakr . Adam, please tell us more about yourself and your company. I am Adam Bonnifield, the Co-Founder of Spinnakr. We are a new way

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Mapegy - Helping You Navigate The Technology Jungle
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We caught up with Luis Sperr, Head of Business Development & Consulting at Berlin-based Big Data startup Mapegy. Mapegy (from: mapping data for your strategy) is a Berlin based Big Data start-up that helps high-tech companies make more informed decisions with technology insights from global science, patents, press, web and

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Autogrid - Turning Big Data Into Power
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  We caught up with Sandra Kwak, Director of Marketing and Ecosystem Partnerships at US-based Big Data startup Autogrid, to talk about their company and products. AutoGrid uses the power of big-data analytics to handle the exponentially expanding wave of information being generated by smart meters, building management systems, voltage regulators,

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Kreditech - Pioneering New Scoring Technology In Consumer Lending
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Follow @DataconomyMedia We caught up with Laurent Schüller, Head of Brand Management at Kreditech, to discuss innovations in the personal finance market and Kreditech’s plan for the future. Kreditech is a BIG DATA infrastructure that allows for credit bureau independent acquisition, identification, scoring, retention management in consumer lending. Can you tell us a little bit about Kreditech?

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Massive Analytic - Big Data, Decisions And Outcomes
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We met up with the team of Massive Analytic at CeBit in Hannover. Massive Analytic was awarded an innovation grant by the U.K. government in March 2013. Massive Analytic were also a part of top 12 tech U.K. companies last year. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re doing in

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Interview With Sablono
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We met with Lukas Olbrich the co-founder and co-CEO at Sablono.Sablono is a software company founded and based in Berlin. The company is developing software solutions for the construction industry with a focus on project management and scheduling tools. The main product is Sablono BIMtime. Who are you and what brings you

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Birst - Transforming The Bi Landscape
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We caught up with the VP of Product Strategy at Birst, Southard Jones. Birst provides an enterprise-calibre Business Intelligence platform based on a cloud platform. Its approach is designed to be less costly and more agile than Legacy BI and more powerful than Data Discovery. Birst gives business teams the ability

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