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The rapid growth of the Big Data ecosystem has pushed the frontiers of technology, and our expectations, further than ever thought possible.

Is The Internet Of Things Just Noise?
Internet of ThingsTechnology & IT

If there is anything that has generated more noise than “Big Data,” it would be “The Internet of Things,” Cisco’s much-vaunted ideation of a world interconnected through the intelligence buried into the technology components that make up our lives. From cars to coffeemakers, one day everything will be connected to

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Crayon: Creating The World'S First &Quot;Choice Engine&Quot;
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

Follow @DataconomyMedia We caught up with Suresh Shankar the Founder of Crayon Data. Suresh is serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of consulting and marketing experience, having fuelled growth for companies such as: Citibank, ABN AMRO, Standard Chartered, HP, Nokia, Motorola, Unilever, Pond’s, Pepsi and McDonald’s. Before founding Crayon, Suresh was

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Africa'S Technology Boom: Opportunity Or Myth?
Technology & ITTransportation & Logistics

Only a decade ago, to speak of Africa and technology would have seemed nonsensical. Today, it is part of a growing global conversation. Mobile penetration rates have increased 19 percent annually over the past five years, making the continent’s technological future look especially promising. The use of mobile phones has

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Datatorrent Rts Released, Processes 1 Billion Data Events A Second
NewsTechnology & IT

Yesterday Datatorrent’s first product, DataTorrent RTS, became generally available. DataTorrent RTS is alleged to be the first platform on top of Hadoop capaple of processing more than 1 billion data events per second. Founders Phu Hoang and Amol Kekre noticed a gap in the market whilst they were both working

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Big Data Analytics Named Most Influential Technology For The Future
BI & AnalyticsNewsTechnology & IT

Big data analytics has a topped a survey on which disruptive technologies will have the biggest influence in three years time. The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Dynamic Visualisation’ came in second and third respectively. The survey, carried out Nimbus Ninety in support of their May IGNITE summit, surveyed 200 senior

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Sumo Logic Plan To Globalise, Following $30 Million Funding Round
Machine LearningNewsTechnology & IT

Sumo Logic, whose software manages and analyses IT log files, has raised $30 million in its latest round of funding, bringing their total funding to $80.5 million. The funding round was led by Sequoia Capital, with exisiting investors Greylock Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, and Accel Partners also participating. “We have

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Tamr: Data Curation Powered By Machine Learning
Machine LearningNewsTechnology & IT

Monday saw the unveiling of Tamr, a scalable platform for data curation, at the Databeat Conference in San Francisco. Founders Andy Palmer and Michael Stonebraker also announced they had accrued an impressive $16 million of first-round funding from Google Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. Palmer and Stonebraker came up with

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Mapegy - Helping You Navigate The Technology Jungle
BI & AnalyticsInterviewsTechnology & IT

We caught up with Luis Sperr, Head of Business Development & Consulting at Berlin-based Big Data startup Mapegy. Mapegy (from: mapping data for your strategy) is a Berlin based Big Data start-up that helps high-tech companies make more informed decisions with technology insights from global science, patents, press, web and

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A Good Week For Startups: Splice Machine And Platfora Present New Software
IndustryNewsStartupsTechnology & IT

The analytics startups market was a hive of activity last week. As well as more established companies making exciting announcements, such as IBM’s new software-defined storage technology and SAS’ expansion of their Hadoop in-memory analytics range, it was a big week for the startups too. Monday saw Splice Machine’s Hadoop

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Entering A New Era Of Technology: At&Amp;T Innovation Showcase
BI & AnalyticsNewsTechnology & ITUncategorized

Last Friday saw AT&T presenting new prototypes and discussing the future of technology at their Innovation Showcase in New York. Among the prototypes displayed were GPS sensors for luggage, software for streamlining equipment management in businesses and accessible data visualisation software than can be run from a laptop or tablet.

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