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The rapid growth of the Big Data ecosystem has pushed the frontiers of technology, and our expectations, further than ever thought possible.

4 Ways It Managers Should Expand Their Skills For Career Growth
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Whether you’re already working in IT management or still on your way up, you should be sure of one thing: that you’re as comfortable working with people as you are working with tech. As a leader in IT, you’re responsible for much more than technology. You’ll likely spend as much –

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Mind Your Internet Manners: When, Where And How To Crawl For Data
BI & AnalyticsTechnology & IT

A wealth of information, an ocean of data – and more funny cat videos than you could watch in a lifetime. The internet is all that and more, at the service of humanity that seeks to know more, do more and be more than ever before. Much of that data

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How To Keep Graph Databases Both Flexible And Secure
CybersecurityTechnology & IT

Graph databases are now common within a range of  industries such as life sciences, healthcare, financial services, government and intelligence. Graphs are particularly valuable in these sectors because of the complex nature of the data and need for powerful, yet flexible data analytics. In addition, graph databases allow visibility across

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How Data Science Is Serving Passengers At Lufthansa
Data NativesTechnology & IT

The Lufthansa Group is about much more than just transporting passengers and air freight from A to B. The subsidiary company I work for is called “Lufthansa Industry Solutions” (LHIND for short). As well as dealing with the exciting challenges faced by the airline industry within the Lufthansa Group, we

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Your Local Utility Could Be The Next Big Tech Company
Data ScienceTechnology & IT

Airbnb turns homes and apartments into hotel rooms. GE transforms age-old manufacturing and industrial processes with a data-driven industrial internet platform. Innovative companies across the spectrum are developing new technologies to upend one industry after the next, leveraging rich data streams to outperform the old models, capture market share, and

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Why You Should Combine Machine Learning With Knowledge Graphs
BI & AnalyticsData NativesTech TrendsTechnology & IT

Cognitive applications have become constant companions at our places of work. We expect smart systems to reduce repetitive workloads and support us in uncovering new Knowledge. As a result, data scientists and software engineers are applying various machine learning algorithms to finetune results and increase processing capabilities. At the same time,

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An Elegant Solution To Text-Data Processing Problems
Machine LearningTechnology & IT

A breakthrough in the field of natural language processing (NLP) has been achieved with the Retina engine, which elegantly solves numerous text-data processing problems faced by big businesses. The Retina engine surmounts the obstacles in dealing with terabytes of unstructured text data, thanks to a unique algorithm that is

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How To Best Leverage The Services Of Hadoop Big Data
Big DataData ScienceTechnology & IT

Image: SAP Cloud Platform Hadoop is a Java-based, open source framework that supports companies in the storage and processing of massive data sets. Currently, many firms still struggle with interpreting Hadoop’s software and are doubtful about whether or not they can depend on it for delivering projects. Even so, it’s

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4 Insights On The Future Of Data Centers
Big DataData ScienceTech TrendsTechnology & ITUnderstanding Big Data

Our ever-increasing dependence on the Internet to do business, entertain ourselves, communicate with others and shop for supplies has increased our amount of data exponentially. The vast amount of data needed to complete all of our activities requires a growing number of centers to safely store this information. Today, there

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Preparing Your Team And Your Tech For Gdpr
CybersecurityEventsTechnology & IT

On October 12th, Cloudera will be in Munich composing a series of straightforward approaches and concise strategies for companies preparing for one of Europe’s biggest regulatory reshufflings of data ever.  Register now to find out what tactics, methods and tools are best suited for you.   May 25th, 2018 is

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