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The Big Data community is incredibly active and holds a number of highly-targeted events around the world. Topics include Hadoop, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Analytics as well as concrete applications. For example, marketing for industries such as Consumer Goods and Retail, Healthcare or Finance.

Below is a selection of the most relevant events coming up over the course of this year. In case your event is not featured below, please reach out to us at

How To Get Business Insights From Artificial Intelligence (When You Really Need Them)
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This article is part of a media partnership with Data Analytics and Behavioural Science Applied to Retail and Consumer Markets conference, an event featuring high quality case studies, networking sessions and discussions full of insights on the Retail and Consumer Markets. It takes place June 28 at Millennium Hotel Mayfair, London. To learn more

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Sónar+D, the congress dedicated to creative technologies which will take place in Barcelona on June 14, 15, 16 and 17, announces today the program for its 2017 edition. The congress will bring together more than 100 activities, 180 speakers and around 5,000 accredited professionals from 2,100 companies and 60 countries.

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Keep It Real — Say No To Algorithm Porn!
Data ScienceEventsMachine Learning

For people in the know, machine learning is old hat. Even so, it’s set to become the data buzzword of the year — for a rather mundane reason. When things get complex, people expect technology to ‘automagically’ solve the problem. Whether it’s automated financial product consultation or shopping in the supermarket of

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What Does Trust Mean In Iot? - Iot-Epi Challenge
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On a sunny Friday morning, the IoT-EPI Challenge started bright and early at 9 AM (which is quite early, for Berlin standards) with an introductory talk for the participants and the media to get the rundown of the day. This wasn’t a typical idea-hackathon. Collaboration was key. The goal was

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&Quot;Collaboration Is The Key For Transformation&Quot; - Open Innovation At The Iot-Epi Meet &Amp; Greet
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Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand, and are based in transcending frontiers – physical, technological, economical, you name it. Open innovation is one of the ways in which Europe can secure global competitiveness. The H2020 research and innovation program is the EU’s financial instrument to achieve this, and within

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How To Set Up And Manage A Corporate Self Service Analytics Environment
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Data is one of the most prized commodities of the 21st. century. As companies face the challenges arising from a surge in the number of customer interactions and data, it can be difficult to successfully manage the vast quantities of information and still provide a positive customer experience. Businesses need

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Convince Your Boss! 5 Reasons To Attend The Iot Weekend
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 Convince Your Boss! 5 Reasons to Attend the IoT Weekend You really want to come to our IoT workshop but you are not sure how to convince your boss to pay your ticket? Say no more. We’ve prepared some pretty good reasons for you (not that you do not know

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How To Transform Your Business With Artificial Intelligence
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Ajit Jaokar is a leading expert working at the intersection of Data Science, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile, and Smart Cities. He teaches IoT and Data Science at Oxford and also is a director of Smart Cities Lab in Madrid. Ajit’s work involves applying machine learning techniques to

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Our Vision Of The Future: The Dataconomy Manifesto
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About us We are Europe’s leading media & events portal serving techies and entrepreneurs with in-depth insight, cutting-edge research, and established thought leadership on data-driven technology. We’ve worked on creating and cultivating a strong community of data enthusiasts both online and offline. Our Values & Goals: We pride ourselves in

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5 Reasons To Attend Data Natives 2016: #5: Best Kept Secrets
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Last chance to buy tickets! Go to and register, and get instant access to speaker and schedule information on Data Natives Berlin 2016. 5 days away from the conference, we have arrived at the fifth and last of the Reasons to Attend Data Natives – After Building A Strong

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