Big Data Resources

Big Data Blogs

There are several big data blogs on the internet. These are our Top Big Data Blogs structured by topic.

Interesting Infographics

Interesting data infographics found around the web.

Big Data Books

If you want to dig a little deeper and learn more then these are the top 10 books on Big Data. Some are targeted more to the novice will others will be handy for the more advanced user but the following books cover the full range. You think something it missing? Tell us in the comments!

Big Data White Papers

Big Data is not an easy topic to get into, nor does it lend itself to easy access. After all, there is generally not much of a hype about something really simple. Hence here are what we feel are the top Big Data White Papers that have made a bit of a splash in this area.

Case Studies

Selected case studies showing how organisations realize the value of big data and analytics to create business solutions and uncover new opportunities.

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