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Igor Mikhalev

After leading multiple scientific software development initiatives for industry leaders in knowledge extraction, scientific big data management and publishing, Igor Mikhalev completed his MBA at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Business School). He now conducts his PhD research in collaboration with UvA and a number of organizations, all industry partners leading the way in data-driven R&D. As co-founder of Firmshift (http://firmshift.com), a company that connects Human creativity with Machine intelligence, Igor is also working on reason.ai (http://reasonai.com), a transformational NLU platform for powering complex goal-oriented and multi-modal sales and support conversations between brands and their customers.

Conversational Commerce: From Hype To Reality
Artificial IntelligenceMachine Learning

The standard user flows that currently dictate our interactions with computers are still quite limited, and are only a few years away from becoming unrecognizable. The process of changing this dynamic has already begun in the form of conversational interfaces. They will soon revolutionize how humans interact with machines. Just

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