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Hannah is a writer, editor and nerd based in Berlin. She's a researcher with knowledge and work in a variety of fields, including 3D printing, fantasy video games and even coffee manufacturing.

10 Smart, Practical Iot Gadgets For Normal Folks
Internet of ThingsRetail & ConsumerTechnology & IT

Smart watches are trendy. Smart thermostats are popular. But what else can you do with IoT technology? Whether you’re a tech­lover, lazy, or like trying new things, smart gear is able to do a lot more than track your calorie goals. The Practical Goji: Home security is important, and we

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Who'S Who Of Fintech Incubators And Accelerators
Data Science 101FinTechStartups

Nothing is better than seeing a lowly start­up succeed. They push the envelop, think outside of the box, and inspire. The game, however, can be tough to play. For innovators and techies who don’t necessarily have experience or funding, breaking through can seem impossible. This is why accelerators and incubators

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The Rise Of Fintech In Stockholm: Learning From Europe'S No. 2 Fintech City
FinanceFinTechTechnology & IT

London, Berlin, and Amsterdam are all prominent tech hubs. However, earlier this year, a study from the Stockholm School of Economics revealed that Stockholm is not only rising in popularity in the tech sector, it is easily Europe’s number 2 city for FinTech. Best of all, reviewing the city’s history

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Big Data And Energy Conservation: Follow The Money
Data ScienceEnergy & EnvironmentInternet of Things

Energy is a huge conversation and big data is already being used to make incredible changes. It’s leveraged to create better oil and gas practices, keep better tabs on expenditures, and even ramp up the renewable energy movement. With not just one, but countless companies integrating big data practices, the

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Like Bees To Honey: Millenials And The Future Of Fintech

Millenials: Often perceived as entitled, high maintenance, and poor. Virtually no one wants to be termed a “Millenial,” because the words that follow are generally negative. However, once the facade is peeled away, there are a host of other traits that Millenials carry—good ones. They’re famous for giving back to

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Putting Mainframe Data To Use: The New Open Source Tool That Teaches Old Tech New Tricks
Data ScienceNews

Mainframe users are getting a major upgrade thanks to an open source tool from Syncsort that links the IBM z Systems with big name big data processor, Apache Spark. In the days of cloud computing, few people even remember the mainframe. Likely, no one in your neighborhood knows what they are, and

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Data To The People: The Tableau Visualisation Challenge
Data ScienceNewsTechnology & IT

Win a full license for Tableau software in their visualization challenge! Tableau did not come from modest beginnings. It was the result of three well-prepared Stanford men. It all began when founder Chris Stolte was working on his PhD. With his background in database programming, he saw there were major

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