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Hannah is a writer, editor and nerd based in Berlin. She's a researcher with knowledge and work in a variety of fields, including 3D printing, fantasy video games and even coffee manufacturing.

Top Slack Communities For Data Enthusiasts
Data Science 101

Slack is one of the fastest growing companies this year, and startup founders are going crazy over it. It offers persistent chat rooms organized by topic, as well as direct messaging. They also support the integration of other trendy, including Trello, GoogleDrive, DropBox, and GitHub. There are some 500,000 active

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Deep Learning In 2016: Tech Giants Move To Share Data
Machine Learning

Deep Learning is one of the key parts of data science. As data becomes increasingly important and accessible, today’s biggest companies are rapidly investing in deep learning. In fact, it is considered to be so vital to future technologies that many are sharing their own results and discoveries with the

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Top 10 Data Science And Machine Learning Podcasts
Data Science 101Machine Learning

Looking for the perfect podcast for your morning commute or during your downtime? Here’s a list of the best podcasts in data (in alphabetic order). Data Skeptic Unusual Angles Data Skeptic takes a different take on how we review data—thanks to some healthy skepticism, listeners come out with unusual information and knowledge.

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How Big Data Is Quietly Fighting Diseases And Illnesses
Big DataHealthcare

As Big Data becomes more and more integral to healthcare, everyone on the food chain will begin to see changes. Governments, universities, businesses, everyone has a stake in the future of health care. In recent years, Big Data has already offered up amazing proof of its applications, by helping stop

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Profitable Iot Niches: The Race Is On
Internet of ThingsStartups

How does an IoT start­up stand out against a sea of competitors? Looking in new directions and finding those profitable IoT niches is one way. The Internet of Things is everywhere. A report from VisionMobile found that there are 300,000 developers in IoT today, and that number will grow exponentially by 2020.

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3 Lessons From The Graveyard Of Fintech Start-Ups

There are rules every start-up abides by, and the FinTech arena has its own special set. These new companies simply must understand the start-up game as well as the legal quandaries specific to finances. Taking a walk through the FinTech graveyard provides educational, eye-opening, and sometimes fun new information. Respect

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Will Big Data Write The Next Hit Song?
Big DataUnderstanding Big Data

Big data is being integrated into nearly every field. It should be no surprise that the multi-billion dollar music industry wants in. There are two major ways big data is already influencing the music industry: music creation and music selection. The second one, however, is making far more waves. It’s

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Accelerator And Incubator Alternatives
StartupsTechnology & IT

Not all accelerators are equal, and not all start-ups will benefit from their rigid programs. Here’s a list of alternatives to help grow your start-up without handing out shares left and right. There are a truly absurd amount of accelerators and incubators around the world. For all the good they

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How Data Science Is Driving The Driverless Car
Big DataTransportation & Logistics

Google may be the first name associated with driverless cars, but they’re not the only ones interested in the technology. More importantly, it seems people have wildly different opinions on exactly how the story will play out. How much data will these cars produce? What kind of legal quandaries will

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Have A Data-Appropriate Christmas: Big Data, Big Companies And Santa
Big DataIndustry

Don’t think data analytics play a major role in the holiday season? Everyone from consumers, to retailers, to CEOs will be crunching numbers this December. PCA Predict’s Big Data Labs 2014 Christmas Report notes that 25% of ecommerce transactions in the UK last year were in the months of November

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