Numenta: Technologies Which Can Mimic How The Brain Works
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Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky started Numenta with the intention of modeling and mimicing how the human brain processes information. It was an ambitious task, and one that has been nearly a decade in the making. But now, 9 years after it was started, Numenta has held an open house

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The Frontier Supercomputer Has Reached Exascale Computing Power, It Can Process A Quintillion Operations Per Second.
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In keeping with a promise made by President Obama over seven years ago, the US has managed to create the first “true” exascale supercomputer, ushering in a new era of computational power. The fastest supercomputers in the world up until this point were still petascale, capable of a quadrillion calculations

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Medical Field Changing Thanks To Ai
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Artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly growing aspects of tech, and in a well-funded industry like the medical industry, new adaptations are helping with efficiency and precision. Ultimately, artificial intelligence is changing healthcare for good, but there are some growing pains as well. Many of those affect the

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Europe'S Largest Data Science Community Launches The Digital Network Platform For This Year'S Conference
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The DN Unlimited Conference will take place online for the first time this year More than 100 speakers from the fields of AI, machine learning, data science, and technology for social impact, including from The New York Times, IBM, Bayer, and Alibaba Cloud Fully remote networking opportunities via a virtual

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The Most Important Unanswered Questions Of 2018 In Artificial Intelligence (Ai) And Machine Learning (Ml)
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Here is what a recent whitepaper by Dataiku reveals about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning emphasising the role of data scientists. Let’s find out. The year 2018 was supposed to be the one where companies made revolutionary strides in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). But did this happen till

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It'S Tax Season: How Big Data Is Transforming The Filing Process
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People all over the United States have been preparing themselves for the impact of tax reforms passed in 2017. Of course, some of these changes provide massive benefits to businesses and individuals, while others remove certain deductions we’ve become accustomed to. An accountant is still a filer’s best friend when

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Banishing Trolls At The New York Times: How Ai Is Helping Humans Take Out The Trash
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AI is already making inroads. For example, it’s now helping the human reviewers at The New York Times ferret out the trolls. Unlike the pessimistic view that robots will wipe us from the planet, this is a great example of how AI can ease our everyday lives. Instead of replacing

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75 Big Data Terms Everyone Should Know
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This article is a continuation of my first article, 25 Big Data terms everyone should know. Since it got such an overwhelmingly positive response, I decided to add an extra 50 terms to the list.  Just to give you a quick recap, I covered the following terms in my first

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Simplifying Data Acquisition &Amp; Augmentation
Data Science

Despite the advances in data integration and the blurring of the lines between batch (ETL) and real-time (EAI) integration, the process of managing and blending third-party or externally public datasets continues to be a burden for IT, and a cost for business, both in dollars and missed opportunities. Identifying and

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Bitcoin Usage And The Future Of The Blockchain

Despite some ups and downs over the years, Bitcoin is still hanging round as an alternative currency. There are those who still believe that the future is bright, and that Bitcoin may just represent the future of money. Indeed, we’re still pretty early in the life of the leading cryptocurrency.

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