Ibm Watson Iot’s Chief Data Scientist Advocates For Ethical Deep Learning And Building The Ai Humans Really Need
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In terms of pioneering data-based technology, IBM are the gold standard. Indeed, IBM has held the record for receiving the most patents every year for the past 25 years and has developed countless revolutionary technologies, from SQL to the world’s fastest supercomputer. It should come as no surprise that IBM

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Alchemyapi Now A Part Of Ibm Watson, Following Acquisition
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Deep learning innovator, AlchemyAPI has been acquired by tech giant IBM in a bid to further develop its “next generation cognitive computing applications,” essentially adding to Watson’s deep learning potential. AlchemyAPI’s deep learning platform allows structuring of cognitive-infused applications with advanced data analysis capabilities such as taxonomy categorization, entity and

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Ibm Watson Adds Five New Services Including Image, Speech &Amp; Tradeoff Analytics
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The IBM Watson developer cloud just got five more free beta services added to its inventory, which will expand IBM Watson capabilities to images, speech, and analytics, the IT giant reported Wednesday. The five new services now available on Bluemix are: Speech to Text : This is a cloud-based, real-time

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Cognitive-Infused Watson Explorer Is Ibm’s Latest With Intentions To Help Enterprises Deliver Better Performance
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IBM has brought forth its latest offering – Watson Explorer – touting cognitive capabilities. Released early last week, it claims to be a powerful combination of data exploration and content analytics capabilities. An IBM news release explains : “Watson Explorer advances data exploration by bringing cognitive capabilities, providing users with a 360-degree view

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Ibm Looks To Enhance Bluemix Usership With New Developer-Centric Apis For Watson
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IBM has now introduced a set of new cognitive services that will be available on IBM Bluemix, its cloud-based platform for mobile and web app development. Bluemix users will utilize an evolving set of APIs and content to build apps, with little effort in entry to cognitive tools, powered by

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Ibm’s Watson Analytics In A Freemium Model, Fine Tuned To Make Cognitive Computing Accessible To The Masses
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In a major announcement this week, IBM has released Watson Analytics, a service that will give businesses — both large and small — access to natural language tools and predictive algorithms on a freemium pricing model. It will be a cloud-based service designed to run on desktop and mobile devices. Calling it

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Ibm’s Watson Focuses On Fashion Trends To Help Customers Decide What To Wear
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In a bid to reach out to more retail companies, IBM’s cognitive computing platform Watson might be utilised to fabricate ‘fashion’ apps that overlay structured and unstructured data to help people decide what to wear. While at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, IBM Watson’s global retail transformation leader Keith Mercier spoke

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Ibm And Usaa Put Watson To Work In Military Services

The IBM Watson team have announced the first consumer-facing commerical use of Watson’s natural language technology. The technology will be available to users of USAA, a firm which provides financial services to US military personnel and their families. Watson is able to scan more than 3,000 USAA documents relating to

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Ibm Watson

In collaboration with a small group of other companies, Modernizing Medicine, a company developing electronic medical record systems out of Boca Raton, Florida, is working on an app supported by IBM’s Watson. The new program will be an enhanced version of their Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA), already in use in

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Ibm'S Chef Watson: Using Data To Delight Your Tastebuds

IBM’s Watson has garnered considerable attention since the computer first appeared in Jeopardy! in 2011. Indeed, Watson has made progress in all industry verticals – from helping with cancer care and research, to assisting wealth management professionals analyze their customer’s financial situations. In a short space of time, this supercomputer

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