The Global DevSlam will host the FutureHack Hackathon, held by FutureLab in collaboration with Hackmasters, where the world’s top 200 developers will compete.

The FutureHack Hackathon welcomes developers to participate individually or as a team, but only the best of the best will get the opportunity, limited to 200 bright minds.

The World'S Best Developers Will Change The Future Of Finance At The Futurehack Hackathon

The FutureHack Hackathon is sponsored by FutureLab, Emirates NBD Bank’s strategic think tank and testing center dedicated to creating new solutions that can benefit their clients and respond to their always-evolving needs. The think tank focus on creating seamless smart payments, simplifying business administration around banking for SMEs, and enabling customers to monetize their data. Developers will try to tackle these challenges with their innovative ideas.

Challenges to Tackle

Challenge 1: Seamless Smart Payments

“How to create a new and innovative payment experience using open banking APIs that streamlines payments for daily users?”

Developers will create a solution that would benefit users in their daily payment activities in this challenge, such as innovative, easy-to-use digital payment solutions for replacing cash with digital payments and context-aware retail payments to replace the physical act of payment. Also, utilizing innovative channels like face, palm, senses, state of mind, voice, QR codes, IoT, cars, and others is encouraged.

Sign up as a team or individually here.

Challenge 2: SME Simplified

“How can we develop a value-added service for SMEs that simplifies their business administration around banking?”

In this challenge, the developers’ task will be to create a solution that simplifies banking administration for SMEs. Solutions will need to ​provide SMEs with a better view of their business while spending less time on banking administration, simplify management of transactions for SMEs to increase international business trade or lending criteria for SMEs / micro-SMEs that may not have an extensive credit history.

Sign up as a team or individually here.

Challenge 3: Monetize Your Data

“How can we create a new asset class—’Personal Data’—that can be monetized by all?”

Developers will race against time to create a new asset class — “Personal Data” — with a business model that enables monetization. In order to complete this challenge, developers must design a new asset class, smart contracts to authenticate individuals, goods, and personal data, as well as a monetization platform to make personal data an asset available to all citizens.

Sign up as a team or individually here.

Incubation opportunities with Emirates NBD

Free registrations will be followed by selection and team matching on September 28. The hackathon’s online ideation and preparation period will start on October 5. Developers will start ideation and building their team’s concept for the hack, interact with exclusive mentors, and submit a one-minute video of their team’s concept by October 11. The actual hacking will occur on October 12 with physical attendance at Dubai World Trade Center.

Winners will begin incubation opportunities with Emirates NBD after the event and receive details about an exclusive trip to London with Hackmasters. Also, all participants will have the opportunity to meet recruiters from Emirates NBD and explore current career development opportunities and vacancies.

Great prizes for winners and participants

No bright mind will return empty-handed from FutureHack. The team that came up with the best idea and MVP will get $10,000 worth of prizes and goodies, along with an opportunity to finesse their solutions with Emirates NBD subject matter experts, as well as a fast track to DevSlam Talent – an opportunity to present to potential hiring and be considered for full-time positions.

The creators of the most impactful idea will get an Oculus VR Set and goodies, plus $5000 worth of prizes and a fast track to DevSlam Talent. The winners of the best technical design will also be given a fast track to the DevSlam Talent competition, as well as prizes totaling $3,000 and an Oculus VR set. Also, Hackmasters will invite the team that created the most creative concept to their London Studios, all expenses paid.

All hackathon participants will receive free entry to Global DevSlam on the 10th, 11th, and 13th; they will gain exclusive access to the region’s largest API Souq, 1-on-1 meeting chances with inspiring mentors, and the opportunity to meet recruiters from Emirates NBD and explore current career development paths.

FutureHack Hackathon in 5 Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have about the FutureHack Hackathon:

1. When and where does FutureHack take place?

You’ll hack online from October 5 through October 11, utilizing the tools provided and interacting with the instructors the entire time. On October 12, you’ll either present your submitted solution and its supporting presentation to the mentors virtually via the FutureHack Discord server or in person at the Dubai World Trade Center. You will be able to present your hack to the judges and other attendees if you advance to the final round of presentations.

2. Who can participate? 

Everyone is welcome to FutureHack, regardless of their level of expertise in coding, design, ideas, or public speaking. Only passion is required! FutureHack offers a small available space but no age restriction. Therefore, sign up as soon as possible because only the first 50 registrations will be assured a spot.

3. Can I participate alone?

You can participate unassisted, but it can be challenging to devise a solution in time. The FutureHack teams advise finding a team of 4-6 individuals with various skills. As an example, one person programs, one understands design, and one organizes the team’s work and displays the outcomes. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a team in mind when you sign up. FutureHack will have a team-building activity. There won’t be anyone left behind.

4. Can I take my idea further after the hackathon?

The development team that created the project during the hackathon is the rightful owner of its intellectual property. The owners and inventors of the tools and techniques that developers utilize are the rightful owners of those resources.

5. How can I benefit from mentors’ expertise?

The FutureHack team will organize mentor conversations so that each team has the chance to talk about and receive feedback on their concepts. Schedule time with mentors if you want to take advantage of this when the appointments open up. The FutureHack Discord server will be used to discuss mentoring sessions.

You can find all the details about the FutureHack Hackathon and submit your application here.

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