The world’s biggest coding and development networking event, Global DevSlam, invites the top 200 developers to build the metaverse with the Metaverse Masters hackathon. The Microsoft-sponsored hackathon will be hosted in collaboration with HACKMASTERS.

Metaverse Masters

Reimagining a more sustainable world

The Metaverse Masters hackathon challenges developers to reinvent a more sustainable world for future generations using Microsoft Azure and metaverse technologies.

Building mixed reality experiences to reinvent MENA as a sustainable region!

The top 200 developers will try to figure out how to create new planet-friendly solutions using Azure and metaverse technologies to reinvent and enhance the following sectors: tourism, food, and smart cities by reducing carbon footprints and improving quality of life.

Challenge 1: Tourism

In this challenge, developers will use Azure and metaverse technologies to find ways to redefine the tourist experience of visiting Dubai by maximizing visitor enjoyment while minimizing carbon footprint.

Sign up as a team or individually here.

Challenge 2: Food

Developers will need to find a way to reduce food waste by creating a solution that provides consumers with contextual information about the nutrient content and environmental impact of the food they are about to purchase.

Sign up as a team or individually here.

Challenge 3: Virtual Spaces

Developers will reimagine the virtual spaces for novel forms of human interaction to reduce the carbon footprints of energy use, transportation, and education.

Sign up as a team or individually here.

Launch your idea with Microsoft’s support

Only three winners will emerge from the Metaverse Masters hackathon, but no developer will return home empty-handed. The overall winner will get mentorship opportunities with the Microsoft product team and exclusive Microsoft gear. Also, some surprise prizes for the winning team will be announced soon.

HACKMASTERS will invite the developers of the most creative concept to their London Studio, all expenses paid. Microsoft will reward the best HoloLens design with the opportunity to join Founders Hub, Microsoft’s new innovative platform offering support at every stage of idea development.

The prizes are not limited to these. All hackathon participants will receive free entry to Global DevSlam, complimentary Azure credits, exclusive access to Microsoft training materials, and one-to-one mentoring sessions.

More prizes will be announced as the hacking day approaches.

The timeline

Free registrations will be followed by confirmation as a hacker and team matching on October 2. The hackathon’s online ideation and preparation period will start on October 4. Developers will start ideation and building their team’s concept for the hack, interact with exclusive mentors, and submit a one-minute video of their team’s concept by October 10. The actual hacking will take place on October 11 with physical attendance at Global DevSlam at Dubai World Trade Center.

Metaverse Masters hackathon in 5 Questions

1. When and where does the Metaverse Masters hackathon take place?

You’ll hack online from October 4 through October 10, utilizing the tools provided and interacting with the instructors the entire time. On October 11, you’ll present your submitted solution and its supporting presentation to the mentors in person at the Dubai World Trade Center. You will be able to present your hack to the judges and other attendees if you advance to the final round of presentations.

2. Who can participate? 

All developers interested in Azure and Microsoft technologies are welcome to join Metaverse Masters. There is a place for you as long as you’re eager to learn about Microsoft technologies! There is no age limit, but to be considered a legitimate participant, you must be able to attend the actual hackathon on October 11.

3. Can I participate alone?

You can participate unassisted, but it can be challenging to devise a solution in time. The Metaverse Masters teams advise finding a team of 2-5 individuals with various skills. As an example, one person programs, one understands design, and one organizes the team’s work and displays the outcomes. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a team in mind when you sign up. Metaverse Masters will have a team-building opportunity. There won’t be anyone left behind.

4. Can I take my idea further after the hackathon?

Your concept and solution remain yours and your team’s, as Metaverse Masters does not own the intellectual property created during the hackathon. If you bring home a reward in one of the prize categories, you may have the opportunity to develop your solution further.

5. How can I benefit from mentors’ expertise?

The Metaverse Masters team will organize mentor conversations so that each team has the chance to talk about and receive feedback on their concepts. Schedule time with mentors if you want to take advantage of this when the appointments open up. The Metaverse Masters Discord server will be used to discuss mentoring sessions.

You can find all the other details about the Metaverse Masters hackathon and submit your application here. Only the first 50 participants will be able to guarantee their place in the hackathon. There are only 200 spaces available so guarantee yours now!

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