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Perion – a digital advertising company – has today announced the launch of’s Actionable Performance Monitoring (APM). Paragone’s APM adds multi-channel social advertising management platform to the company’s offerings and is now deployed with clients such as Disney and Havas Media

The APM and its predictive algorithm will be launched directly by, while also being offered in the U.S. by Undertone, another Perion company.

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the growth of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer advertising, which has put increased pressure on performance marketers to drive engagement, leading to scalable, trackable, and optimizable outcomes, from CAC to ROAS to ROI.

Paragone’s APM enables agencies and brands to forecast, optimize decision-making, and use AI to inform the user and make decisions.

“Each performance campaign has a goal,” Shai Alfandary, General Manager at said. “For example, the goal is CPA of less than $50. Our AI can forecast whether a campaign is likely to reach its goal or not. Based on this forecast, AI assigns a prediction: high probability to meet the goal or low probability to meet the goal. Thanks to that, marketers can foresee issues with performance and save budget, prioritize campaigns and work only on those which require attention, and not waste time on campaigns that may not look good enough today, but they are likely to reach their goal in the future.”

The use of AI in APM helps to ensure that performance marketers are being steered in the right direction with their campaigns.

“Every day, we deliver recommendations on improvements for campaigns,” Alfandary said. “AI detects bottlenecks and growth points in campaigns. It gives clear suggestions on how bottlenecks could be fixed or how growth points can be leveraged. Recommendations can be cross-channel (e.g. move budget from Facebook to Snapchat if both campaigns aim the same goal) and cross-ad account. For example, AI detects that campaign A works better than campaign B. It suggests moving 12% of the budget to campaign A from B, Or AI can detect that a certain age underperforms, so it suggests running A/B test without the specific age group in specific adsets. Each recommendation requires approval from a user and can be applied in one click for UI.”

With APM, teams can access and control their social advertising data in real-time across all networks, agencies, and platforms – from one interface.  Through AI, brands can now predict whether an ad will hit its targets – enabling rapid shifts in allocation and recommendations for improvement. Proprietary automation instantly adjusts tactics so marketers can outperform the competition and generate desired KPIs.

APM supports Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and integrates with Google Analytics, MOAT, Adjust, AppsFlyer

“Paragone’s APM allows clients to tailor KPIs to align with their objectives on each channel, enhancing both dashboard displays and system capabilities, such as future performance prediction,” Alfandary said. “Our labeling feature further allows advertisers to see which channels are best at driving specific product lines or campaign concepts.”’s roadmap includes capabilities to deal with the ever-changing advertising landscape, including the introduction of privacy updates by Apple in iOS 14, the continued growth of new e-commerce companies spending more performance-driven marketing budget, and the use of social to target audiences as people continue to work from home and stay indoors.

“Since partnering with Paragone, we have been able to take our social media advertising performance to new heights,” says Tijmen ter Veen, Digital Marketing Supervisor at The Walt Disney Company. “Paragone allows us to focus on managing the best campaigns through powerful, automated integrations.”

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