When you build products and launch them, are you – and be honest here – making decisions on each stage of development using data?

While for many years, everyone from development teams, product managers, founders, and marketers have touted they’re using a data-driven approach to everything; the truth is often starkly different.

Partly, that’s because we’re just creating what we technically can. Partly it’s because the wrong strategies, tactics, and foundations have been put in place, and processes aren’t followed.

With this in mind, The Tesseract Academy is delivering a free short introductory workshop on April 19, 2021, designed to help you make a real impact with your current or next product.

This is a free short introduction to the data-driven product boot camp delivered by Noam Auerbach. The full boot camp’s goal is to help product managers and other product practitioners level their decision-making skills. The free intro will present some case studies, such as how Soundcloud is building data-driven products. A Q&A session will follow where the participants can ask any question they like or get help with any issue related to data-driven product development.

Noam Auerbach is a Data Product Manager and consultant with 10+ years of experience in the field.

Noam is focused on scaling and monetizing platforms. He has been on the fine line between product management and growth throughout his career, driving retention and revenue. At the moment, he is the head of product & growth at Enhancv – the world’s leading resume builder and career development platform. Before that, he was the product lead at Tourlane (a Soquia Berlin-based traveling start-up), head of product at YEAY (Berlin-based video social shopping app), and the Growth PM at SoundCloud.

This event is perfect for CEOs, founders, managers, entrepreneurs, and product managers, which will equip you with tools and techniques to build agreement as you create your product strategy and roadmap.

Anyone interested in the free introductory workshop by The Tesseract Academy can simply register on Eventbrite.

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