On May 7th at 5 PM CET, frontline workers, NGOs, activists, data scientists and citizens will debate at the #TransparencyByDesign, an online event aiming to raise awareness around the topic of public health, security and data privacy. Everyone who is interested in joining the conversation is welcome to RSVP here.

Over the last weeks and months, we have witnessed the emerging conflict between privacy and the common good. Aggressive contact tracing proved to be one of the best strategies to keep the outbreak in control – everything from location data to facial recognition can be used to eradicate the pandemic.

In February, the EU outlined the AI & data governance strategy, which advocated for data sovereignty and trustworthy AI. The pandemic is forcing to rethink it – restrictions outlined can slow down the development of a vaccine, but also inevitably compromise data privacy for millions of citizens.

Can we have BOTH privacy and public health, civil rights and economic well-being?

On May 7th, at 5PM CET, Dataconomy, Data Natives and BOTH/AND are hosting and online debate event – #TransparencyByDesign for data scientists, social workers, NGOs, activists and citizens to join the dialogue on how to build a transparent, inclusive, technology-enabled participation systems for ALL communities.

The event will be joined by frontline workers who will share their insights on the crisis’ real-time challenges.

To register, ask questions, and participate in the debate, use this link.

Watch the live stream of the event here on May 7th at 5 PM CET.
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