Blockchain is a growing industry and people skilled in it are in high demand.The UpWork report states that jobs related to blockchain technology saw a growth of 2000% for three consecutive quarters. Large companies and startups are both looking to hire more people with blockchain skills and experience.

Getting a job in blockchain technology can enable you a space at the frontier of technology development as well as large paychecks. Developers especially, could get more experience in cutting-edge technologies yet to be accepted by economy. The pool of educated blockchain specialists is also relatively small so if you educate yourself on time, you might have higher chances of being hired.

Here are seven top blockchain careers you should know about:


Entry level blockchain jobs

For people just starting out in the industry, there are plenty of entry level blockchain jobs. People with skills in NodeJS, Go RESTful, HTML, CSS, Truffle, Solidity, Java, C++, APIs, and React will find a healthy job market. These positions involve developing pilots and proof of concepts. This is because quite a few companies are in the testing phase of distributed ledger technology (DLT.) Of course, the pay is not nearly as high as it is for experienced developers and other blockchain professionals, but this is to be expected, and the range of 15 to 30 USD per hour is not exactly terrible. There is a broad range of skills that entry level workers will utilize. They include designing and developing distributed ledgers on different platforms, both open source and proprietary.


Blockchain engineer

Blockchain engineers must obtain an in-depth knowledge of a company’s tech needs, because they create the apps that will address these needs. Engineers analyze code, facilitate blockchain programming training, set up infrastructure for Ethereum and Bitcoin use, and implement assets and accelerators. To be suitable for this job, someone must be quite skilled in Java, Hyperledger Fabric, access management solutions, Oracle Identity, Python, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Solidity.


Blockchain web designer

Blockchain web developers must come up with original concepts and interfaces for company websites that inform visitors what is being offered. The reason for this is that many companies are now using cryptocurrencies to launch blockchains, and effective design and communication is needed to explain these new concepts clearly to visitors. They also need to have great communication skills and have a high proficiency in interfacing with content, operations, and marketing teams.


Blockchain legal consultant

Blockchain is a relatively new industry, so there are some legal challenges that must be navigated when a company becomes involved, and that means lots of career opportunities for legal consultants and attorneys. “Initial coin offerings (ICO) are coming under increased regulatory scrutiny, and so companies are now hiring more and more legal consultants for guidance on how to structure these ICOs. These legal consultants are dealing with ‘smart contracts,’ which are automation tools that execute automatically once pre-determined terms are met,” writes George Alonzo, HR manager at BoomEssays.


Blockchain quality engineer

Every industry needs quality assurance, and blockchain is no different. Quality must be tested in areas such as automation frameworks, manual testing, and dashboards. These engineers develop standards, as well as devise strategies for testing load performance. Often these specialists possess an engineering management MBA degree.


Writing about blockchain

Blockchain is an exciting and dynamic new industry, and so there is plenty of demand for articles to be written about it. Many writers have found success writing about blockchain for companies such as Academized and EssayRoo. Because of its innovate nature, there will be plenty to write about blockchain for the foreseeable future.


Blockchain developers

Blockchain developing is the most in-demand programming skill, and people with this skillset can make a great deal of money both freelance and being employed full-time at a company. Experience with Github, C++, Java, and Solidity are all important aspects of this career, as is knowledge and proficiency with mathematics and algorithms. These professionals develop web applications, Android and iOS mobile applications, and perform object-oriented programming. They also work with Bitcoin Core, Blockchain App, Bitcoin, and altcoins. Developers also work with Ethereum DApps, wallets, Solidity smart contracts, new cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency exchanges.



There is a high demand for this skillsets in the Blockchain industry which pay well. There are entry level jobs, as well as plenty of openings for qualified and experienced engineers, web designers, legal consultants, quality engineers, writers, and developers. These careers are ones that can be done from home, as a freelancer, or full-time in an office. Blockchain is a dynamic new industry, so be on the lookout for even more careers to materialize in the field.

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