Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, financial technology, and various connected devices are evolving the data-tech game on a day-to-day basis. Data enthusiasts are integrating into local communities on a world-wide scale to discuss and keep up with the fast pace of data-driven technologies. Here are four tips on how you can plug into these communities and gain access to various data insights. And we have good news, Data Natives Conference 2018 can help you get your foot into the door. Read on.

Put Yourself Out There

The best way to get your voice heard is to speak up! Post your ideas to social media, submit knowledge articles to data media websites, and attend local events and conferences related to data. Don’t be afraid to step up and talk about your ideas with other data enthusiasts – it will increase your knowledge, gift you with networking opportunities, and increase your visibility within the data community. Luck is on your side, Data Natives offers all of these opportunities! Submit original articles with your ideas to Dataconomy to get published on the Dataconomy Media website; follow Data Natives and Dataconomy on social media platforms twitter, instagram, facebook, and linkedin: attend local Data Natives events near you, and attend the Data Natives 2018 conference in Berlin!

Make the Most of Your Networking Opportunities

Optimize your experience and cash in on networking opportunities within the data community! It’s easy to sign up and go to an event and then get nothing out of it, but you don’t want to do that to yourself. When you attend local events or conferences, get the most bang for your buck by coming prepared to meet and be met by like-minded people within your community. Bring a pen and pad to jot down names and numbers, make and take business cards, have an elevator speech about yourself/ your company prepared, and be ready to leave your comfort zone and meet new people!

Data Natives holds yearly conferences for data enthusiasts, connecting thousands across the world. Cash in on those connections, benefitting from wider brand visibility, exclusive insider information on attendees, and various networking opportunities.

Start Locally

Make your community and experience personal by building them locally. Unify your local data-driven community and create networks within your tangible reach. Following a local path is the quickest way to make personal connections, get hands-on experience to build business skills, and pass on knowledge about the data-trade. Building a local community isn’t as complicated as you’d think – post some fliers or use social media to invite a small group for a meeting or keep on the lookout for similar gatherings. Bring a friend or two who are interested in data and have an attractive incentive to get people to attend your event! If you’re looking to build an even larger local community, find sponsors for your program to get funding and support from bigger fish in the data community.

Data Natives has been committed to uniting local data-driven communities even before it was unleashed onto the world. Each year Data Natives hosts a conference to bring together thousands of data enthusiasts from across the world, but its first priority is to bring the freshest data insight to the doorstep of local data communities. Keep your eyes on to see when the Data Natives family will be coming to a city near you.

And Last (But Not Least): Attend the Data Natives 2018 Conference!

Reaching to over 60,000 data scientists, industry experts, leading entrepreneurs, and influencers world-wide, Data Natives invites you to join this quickly expanding community of data enthusiasts. Data Natives 3.0 is November 22-23, 2018 so don’t miss out. Get your tickets here. Join us along with thousands of data enthusiasts and over 100 data-expertise speakers to cash in on ideal networking opportunities and place yourself in a world-wide community of data-lovers. See you in November!

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