Whatever your field expertise, it’s a near guarantee that a handful of nimble, data-driven technologies have changed the game for you and everyone you work with. Stay up to date on how industry leaders are responding by checking out these four panels (among many more) taking place at Data Natives 2017.


Dn2017: 4 Data Natives Panels That Are All About Industry Disruption

On one hand, automation is literally driving the faster, safer and more efficient vehicles of tomorrow. On the other, trillions of dollars are potentially up for grabs as AI and other technologies change the ways in which people and products move across the globe. Our mobility panel brings together Holger Weiss – CEO of German Autolabs, Silvan Rath – CEO of Predict.io and Elena Petrova – Data Scientist at Auto1 to discuss many of the biggest coming changes to how we all get from point A to point B and what role data science plays in shaping the new business climate for mobility.


Dn2017: 4 Data Natives Panels That Are All About Industry Disruption

 The worlds of FinTech, cryptocurrency and beyond have all recently been rocked by blockchain. The technology’s clever use of cryptography not only builds bitcoin wallets, but can also improve cyber security and protect identities. To see what industries are on track to be altered next, join IOTA Project Developer Andreas Osowski, LHoFT CEO Nasir Zubairi, and BigchainDB CTO Trent McConaghy for an in-depth discussion about what the future holds for business leaders who properly wield the best aspects of the blockchain.


Dn2017: 4 Data Natives Panels That Are All About Industry Disruption

 Imagine if a your health insurance rate changed daily and could be impacted by a jog in the park or eating a salad. From reimagining insurance plans to diagnosing illnesses before they become dangerous, HealthTech tools like Fitbit and other body-monitoring devices are making this possible. See Dr. Torsten Hecke – Head Analytics & Insights at Techniker Krankenkasse, Christoph Wülfing – Business Development Manager at Qunomedical and Vadym Vorobiov – Chief Technology Officer at Solve.Care Foundation discuss not only data science’s industry-shattering implications for the healthcare industry, but also what devices are letting patients take more charge of their own health.



Dn2017: 4 Data Natives Panels That Are All About Industry Disruption

With 20 million euro fines on the line, you can’t know too much about the Europe’s upcoming data regulations. Sit down with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino – Founder at Designswarm & Goodnight Lamp, Katharine Jarmul, Founder and Data Scientist at kjamistan, Sebastian Weyer, Venture Development Manager at WATTx , Johannes Klausch, Lawyer & Senior Associate at Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH and Gordon Grill – Data Privacy Expert at Deloitte Digital to see how industry leaders are getting ready for what’s coming.

To learn even more about GDPR, also don’t forget to sign up for the GDPR workshop!

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