If you think for a moment about the world of computers and gaming, your mind might initially drift to the perceived glitz and glamor of the latest releases that showcase 4K graphics, or perhaps even the might of the PS VR, which hints at console gaming being ready to move into the landscape of virtual reality technology and maybe even a new era of gaming.

These are the obvious areas to think about, but one important element has snuck in under the radar – the fact that we seem to be moving away from pure console and PC gaming and towards fast-paced mobile gaming, where the social and speedy elements are key for gamer enjoyment.

Online Casino Capitalizing On a Trend: Mobile and Now, Now, Now 

A recent article showed that in China alone, the expected revenue of the mobile gaming market will reach 13.9 billion dollars by 2019, a trend that is being replicated worldwide with gamers keen to make the most of the latest high-end smartphones (like the recently released iPhone X, which despite only being available for a short while already has a list of top games to enjoy on it).

Can Data Explain Why Online Slots Are Succeeding Against Tech-Heavy Rivals?
“iPhone X – Notification” by William Hook (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In addition, recent data has shown that in the US consumers now spend an average of five hours per day on their mobile devices, with 11% of this time being used for gaming, meaning that gamers are spending around 33 minutes per day on mobile games. As a result, mobile-friendly games have boomed in popularity; with slot games designed to be quick to play, easy to enjoy, and as you can see if you browse around this site for a few minutes, with themes to suit all tastes, it is no surprise that this kind of game has managed to increase in popularity.

Indeed, from just a quick look around, a related site to the previous resource confirms that there are a number of providers enjoying success in offering these games on mobile devices. Online slots have found a great formula for successful gaming on smartphones, especially as these games also remove the context of having to play the games in a specific environment.

Online Games: Social and Fun?

Of course, slot games don’t take into account the fact that most gamers in the internet age enjoy a social aspect to their games, even when playing on a smartphone. With massively multiplayer online games like Clash of Clans reportedly getting 100 million players every day according to recent data, it is clear that the stats tell us the social side of gaming has a widespread appeal, and this social aspect has helped to fuel interest and success for online casino games that make use of webcams, chat screens, and other integrations to help make sure games like blackjack and poker stay up to date with modern gamers’ needs and tastes.

Can Data Explain Why Online Slots Are Succeeding Against Tech-Heavy Rivals?
“Clash of Clans – Inizia la scalata ed apriamo il clan!” by giochi Android iPhone (CC BY 2.0)

While of course online slot games and online casino games need to be wary of the dangers posed by big data breaches and other security issues, what real data from gamers and future projections show us right now is that, for gaming to be popular, you don’t actually need glitz and glamor, but an understanding of the technology and desires that are driving a market forward and allowing operators to capitalize upon emerging trends.

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