In a world of wide-ranging big data, analytics that have advanced so much that they can even help scouting for the NBA, and with several high-profile data breaches in the UK and the US making worldwide headlines in 2017, it is clearer than ever before that big businesses needs to embrace an intelligent future when it comes to the online world, putting security at the forefront of this approach to ensure that they can benefit from everything good that data and analytics can bring us, in the safest way possible.

Many major companies in various sectors have looked to ensure they are defending themselves against cryptoworms and big data breaches of any kind, and others have tried to make the world of online transactions safer and faster by accepting forward-thinking currencies like Bitcoin, and the world of iGaming is perhaps the best example of an industry where security has proven absolutely vital for business success.

A Competitive World

The continued growth of iGaming is staggering, and only set to continue in earnest now that legislation has relaxed rules on gambling in Japan, something that could help to further boost the projected revenues of $66.59 billion dollars globally by 2020 and reinforce the importance of the industry to the global economy. Of course, in an industry like this, the companies involved are well aware that they not only need to stay hugely competitive in a cutthroat industry when it comes to their business plans, but also to balance staying up to date with the latest technology to make sure customers can play poker games with the best technological advances like virtual reality, with doing so safely and securely.

It is this balance that is essential for iGaming success. Let’s look at it from a consumer point of view. If you consider the main appeal of real-money poker aside from the game itself, it is the promise of how securely your money will be treated if you choose to play online with a prominent brand. If you take a look at that example from 888poker, you’ll see that the opening intro on the page discusses how to stay “safe and secure” whilst playing online, before any mention of the actual games’ appeal.

The Future is Secure (or it Needs to Be)

Safety and security are clearly going to become the underlying trend of iGaming for the future, perhaps even more so than other trends inherent in iGaming, such as the huge growth of mobile gaming or jumps in development when it comes to virtual reality and live casino gaming.

If brands fail to take heed of the importance of online security and suffer a big data breach or a cyber attack that allows access to customers’ funds, then it is likely that it could be the end for that particular company as a force. As hackers continue to grow more and more sophisticated, the future of iGaming is not just about glitz and glamour, but also about the fundamental security of gamers’ money.

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