We have liftoff! Data Natives 2017 is just a couple weeks away, and we have never had this many industry-altering speakers,  workshops and networking opportunities. Anyone working in Data Science would be wise to get tickets, especially if the fields of Mobility, Health and Government impact your work (which they do).  From November 16th-17th, top business leaders along with the most informed members of the data science community from both the US and Europe will be meeting in Berlin to share the latest advances in their fields – making for a highly informative and possibly career-altering couple of days.  Here are 5 reasons why this year in particular is the best year yet to attend Data Natives. 

1. Speakers and Workshops:

We have over 90 speakers and counting this year. That includes big names like Booz Allen Hamilton’s very own Kirk Borne,  FinTech entrepreneur and Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) CEO Nasir Zubairi, HealthTech expert and Director of Digital health DACH at IBM Germany’s Bart de Witte, world-renowned AI expert Toby Walsh, MIT Media Lab research Nan Zhao and many more.  Other prominent names include data-driven behavioral scientist Suzy Moat as well as Forbes Europe’s celebrated 30 under 30 entrepreneur Mari Hermans – head of business intelligence at solarisBank. Whether concentrating on IoT, FinTech HealthTech, GovTech, Machine Learning, Mobility, AI or any other field of disruption, all of our speakers are ready to share the trends and topics that are redefining entire industries. The same goes for our workshops. Have a look at our IoT workshop from Alexandra Deschamps Sonsino and learn the latest in language processing from Francisco Webber, founder of Corticol.io.

2. The Unconference:

Our unconference takes place in its own room. Attending an unconference means having the rules of the game flipped.  Instead of a lone speaker, the event’s topics are determined by the crowd at the beginning of a session, with attendees writing their ideas on a massive white board. Then, instead of a lone speaker, EVERYONE participates in an open discussion. Disrupting the more typical norm of routine schmoozing that characterizes many a networking session, an unconference is specially designed for events where many attendees have lots of expertise and firsthand knowledge in their fields and are ready for rapid fire engagement.  Benefit from the Hone your selling approach with feedback from some of the best minds in data science and learn how to perfect your informal pitch.

3. The Venue and Format

Centrally located, our  venue this year is Kühlhaus Berlin – a standout industrial building from the 1800s that now houses art exhibitions and an array of unique events. Its spacious layout is ideal for our conference format, which takes place in three rooms over two days.  Format wise, we have our workshops on November 15th, with gifted presenters like Chris Armbruster, followed by the official conference on November 16th and 17th.  You can see the full schedule here. In Room 1, you’ll have speakers focused on the strategies and ideas behind “The Business of Tech.”  Room 2 will house “Tech Trends” looking at the latest technology. Throughout the day, we have evenly spaced out panels on Mobility, AI, IoT GovTech and more with coffee and networking breaks, talks from our esteemed speakers, and of course, our unconference. Lunch and dinner are also available on-site. Breaks between talks are also at the same time whether you’re in Room 1 or Room 2.  

4. Networking:

Rome was not built in a day, but a day can mean everything  if you’re building a network.  Be part of the largest meeting point for industry experts, entrepreneurs, tech and business professionals to inspire each other and disrupt the status quo. Get ready for outlandishly great access to founders, investors and creative thinkers with both the capital and the street cred to get a project off the ground and hear you out about your ideal plan for the future.

5. Startup Competition:

Taking place in our unconference room, This is your chance to make your name known and potentially gain access to some incredible opportunities. Six startups will be selected to make a five minute pitch, followed by a two-minute Q&A session with our judges. The winning startup will win a rare consultation with VC heavyweights  High Tech Gruenderfonds.  Having successfully launched over 470 high-tech companies and with leadership from people like Chiara Sommer, HTGF is uniquely positioned to incubate startups at their most critical stages.  Consultation and bootcamp for our startup competition winners also has a habit of going well. Last years winner was data tracking startup riskopy – now tracking over 100 million business in the US, UK and Europe and finding new opportunities in financial markets all over the globe.

Ready to learn more?  Get your Data Natives ticket here.

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