Data Natives workshops are always poised to be major career-enhancers – but especially this year.  Besides highlighting pathways for professional growth in fields like Machine Learning, IoT, AI, and entrepreneurship, DN2017’s workshops are at the top of their game when it comes to helping attendees identify the most advantageous opportunities out there for them. To ensure that you’re attending the best possible workshop for you, see below.

Workshop 1: Some Atypical Applications of Typical Machine Learning Algorithms

Kirk Borne is one of world’s most celebrated data scientists.  Regardless of whether focused on FinTech, or even predicting hurricanes,  Kirk brilliantly explains how algorithms serving one function can have huge benefits when solving problems in seemingly unrelated fields. Emphasizing design thinking, Kirk zeros in on “translating data into insights, into action.” That’s great news for any aspiring consultants out there.

These 5 Data Natives Workshops Could Change Your Career

People working in Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science are especially well-positioned to get the most out of this enlightening workshop. Get your ticket here

Workshop 2: AI for Enhancing Customer Experience

Agnieszka Walorska leads this enlightening look at product innovation based on the critical ways in which humans and AI interact with one another. Issues of privacy and even algorithm bias can be big barriers to a great customer experience, but Angnieszka’s unique background offers on-point methods for how to respond to these potential pitfalls.  Her’s is a fantastic approach for developing and maintaining an engaging digital experience.  This can lead to Forging new career paths, such as “AI Design Strategy or AI Innovation Management.”

These 5 Data Natives Workshops Could Change Your Career

Chief Product Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Product Owners, UX Designers and Innovation Managers are going to find this workshop especially informative. Get your ticket here.

Workshop 3: How to use a Contract Intelligence Software

Reading through lengthy legal contracts is no fun, but now that those language processors have gotten good enough to read them faster and more accurately than humans, the potential for businesses is through the roof.  Join Francisco Webber, founder of as he unpacks what language processing software can do for legal professionals and technical teams that assist them.  The biggest takeaway for anyone: “There are Machine-Learning approaches that don’t depend on statistics.”

These 5 Data Natives Workshops Could Change Your Career

Webber suggests this workshop, in particular, is for software engineers who “want to take the next step in artificial intelligence, beyond statistics.”Registered participants can even submit contracts for live data extraction during the workshop.  Get your ticket here.

Workshop 4:  GDPR for Designers and an Ethical Framework for Internet of Things

For insights that very well might save you 20 million euros, this workshop is where Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino shines as your guide to understanding the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how to prepare for its May 2018 rollout.  It’s critical to be informed about all of the design and security steps that companies can still take in order to reliably secure both their products and their finances for what lies ahead. 

These 5 Data Natives Workshops Could Change Your Career

Startup founders and product owners both stand to benefit greatly from this workshop.  So too will CEOs, CTOs, marketing managers, data scientists and anyone working in IoT.  Get your ticket here

Workshop 5:  Dataconomy Careers

As the Director at Data Science Retreat, Chris Armbruster knows the impact of AI backwards and forwards.  His workshop offers a clear pathway for dealing with data in order to have a more specific data science and Machine-Learning role at any company.  To that end, workshop attendees learn how to “move up in Machine Learning in order to move up in your field.” Upon completion, everyone walks away with a 6-9 month roadmap for achieving their AI goals.

These 5 Data Natives Workshops Could Change Your Career

Those familiar with data warehousing, data analytics, and business intelligence will love this workshop. So too will S.T.E.M graduates (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine) seeking to specialize.  Get your ticket here.

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