In today’s world of never ending cybersecurity threats, companies must be more diligent than ever in protecting their data from external and internal threats. The question of dealing with cybersecurity incidents is not a matter of if but WHEN. How a company responds to a breach is vital – the fact is an ill-conceived response strategy can have long-term, damaging consequences for a business. Cyber incidents and their response should always be viewed holistically and not just as a digital or technology issue. A coordinated response must incorporate technical expertise, legal knowledge and public relations, and companies should have an incident response plan in place before any breach occurs. It is impossible to prevent all cyber incidents, but a company can control their response and minimize fall-out.

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The idea of this article is to encourage companies – particularly those responsible for decision-making at a senior level, to reassess how they approach cybersecurity threats, specifically highlighting the importance of having a strategic response plan in place for when an inevitable security breach occurs. This article spotlights key areas for companies to consider as they develop that plan including how to determine priorities, deploying different response strategies in the event a security breach is internal rather than external, identifying vulnerabilities in password security and most importantly having the right response team in place.  

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About Ventura Enterprise Risk Management (Ventura ERM)

Ventura ERM provides cybersecurity services to enterprises in Brazil and the United States. The Ventura team has more than 3 decades of experience in fighting eCrime, has been responsible for more than 300 arrests for malicious cyber activity and has consistently helped enterprises avoid greater losses. Ventura ERM has worked with clients such as Google. They have collaborated with law enforcement and law firms to target white collar crime and fraud.

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Image: ibmphoto24, CC BY NC ND 2.0

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