2017 is set to be a success for the IoT industry, as the number of connected things grows at soaring speeds. The time has come for businesses, consultancies, and entrepreneurs to tap into this opportunity, if they want to stay in the vanguard.

Of the projected 8.4 billion IoT-enabled devices in the world in 2017, the consumer segment represents a staggering 65%. Yet, we’re seeing industrial IoT get all the shine, while the consumer side gets pushed to the side lines. In reality, the space for consumer-facing IoT applications is flourishing and offers unrivaled opportunities for innovation.

Why is it so important for startup entrepreneurs to lead the way? Simply, because, unlike large corporations, startups are agile, nimble, and have the freedom to experiment with new methods to explore new ideas. However, founders have to know that they will embark on a journey that is all but smooth sailing.

A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor

Creating software and internet-enabled product experiences takes plenty of effort and unwavering resilience. IoT startups have to cover all the bases from day 1 – ideating, prototyping, beta testing, production, and engaging with wholesale and retailers, all while having to be savvy of fundamentals such as intellectual property laws, and business structures. And then, there’s the money.

Some say that the road to success is paved with mistakes well handled, but all that paving has to be paid for somehow. Even though getting investment does not assure success, it is definitely a crucial way to get there. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is a world-renowned IoT industry expert, prominent public speaker, and tireless entrepreneur who has toiled away for the past 12 years, running a design studio, a consultancy, and building an IoT product, all while running the world’s second largest IoT meetup, and getting her work exhibited at New York’s MoMA, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the London Design Museum. If anyone knows what it takes to make it as an IoT entrepreneur, well, it’s her.

The Internet of Things Entrepreneur Checklist

Drawing from her years of experience running her own ventures and advising tens of European startups, Alexandra compiled the ultimate guide for the budding IoT entrepreneur. This to-do list will get you set up towards reaching your goal of getting investment for your idea, which probably represents the first 6 months to a year of your business. Ready to take on the challenge?


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