Convince Your Boss! 5 Reasons to Attend the IoT Weekend

You really want to come to our IoT workshop but you are not sure how to convince your boss to pay your ticket? Say no more. We’ve prepared some pretty good reasons for you (not that you do not know them already) to pass on to your higher-ups.

1. Learn from an expert

Convince Your Boss! 5 Reasons To Attend The Iot Weekend

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is an entrepreneur and a designer with over 12 years’ hands-on experience in the IoT space. She knows how much money you need to invest, how much time you have to spend, and who you want to work with to get your project going. She is not yet another consultant who will throw you buzzwords and provide you with high level content. She gets things done. The workshop is an intensive course where she will provide guidance and share everything she knows about how to build a business that offers software and internet-enabled product experiences from the ground up.


2. Full focus on commercial IoT

Of the projected 8.4 billion IoT-enabled devices in the world in 2017, the consumer segment represents a staggering 65%. Yet, we’re seeing industrial IoT get all the shine, while the consumer side gets pushed to the side lines. In reality, the space for consumer-facing IoT applications is flourishing and offers unrivaled opportunities for innovation. We want to attract the edgiest product visionaries out there by bringing our focus on commercial IoT to Berlin, Europe’s most exciting tech hub.

3. Do it for the network(ing)

We want you to be able to focus on what’s important. We’ve limited capacity to 30 attendees, so there’s ample time to ask questions, discuss plans and exchange ideas with Alexandra and with fellow participants. The list of attendees participants includes the who’s who of the IoT scene including senior employees from Ernst&Young, R&D engineers, and Managing Directors of established retailers moving to make their mark in the digital world.

The workshop was conceived with an excitingly mixed audience in mind. The model attendee is a professional who promotes innovative product development and marketing, within a company or independently as a consultant or an entrepreneur.

Ideally geared towards Intrapreneurs, the course is also designed to provide Consultants, Product Managers, Developers, and Founders, with the tools they need to manufacture products and fully understand the commercial IoT space.

4. Exclusive Content


The workshop covers these four key areas:

  • Planning and Prototyping
  • Beta testing and Production
  • Engaging with wholesale and retailers
  • Intellectual property, business structures & investment

Want to go for the nitpicky details? Then check out the Schedule; Alexandra’s post about how what lies at the heart of building an IoT product; or her talk at Data Natives 2016

5. The SAP Data Space

Convince Your Boss! 5 Reasons To Attend The Iot Weekend

DATA SPACE, SAP’s flagship space in Berlin, is the place to meet innovators, change makers, partners, startups, artists, Berlin’s multifaceted community, and all people interested in Digital Transformation.

Go ahead and send this article to your boss. You’ll thank us later. Discover your company’s unlimited potential to innovate, and facilitate the journey of digitalization for you and your clients.

What? 3-day intensive IoT workshop

When? February 24-26, 2017

Where? SAP Data Space, Berlin




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Images: Ars Electronica, CC2.0

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