About us

We are Europe’s leading media & events portal serving techies and entrepreneurs with in-depth insight, cutting-edge research, and established thought leadership on data-driven technology. We’ve worked on creating and cultivating a strong community of data enthusiasts both online and offline.

Our Values & Goals:

We pride ourselves in doing things very differently, catering to  tech-savvy, young-minded, forward-thinking individuals with a passion for tech and business. These are the core values that drive our passion for producing extraordinary tech media and events:

  1. Bridging the gap between technology and business: Dataconomy offers a platform for readers to develop their understanding of technology, business, and the intersection between the two. We are home to commentary from industry leading practitioners of all data-driven technologies, career guidance for aspiring scientists, and fascinating case studies from the companies on the cutting edge of data science.
  2. Educating the data-driven generation: We share inspiring stories from a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Finance, and Energy. We like to talk about everything cutting edge, and educating the data-driven generation
  3. Thinking outside the box: We like confirming science fiction theories, and embrace with optimism the exciting future of technologies. Our primary focus lies on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, and big (or small) data. We think science and tech are inherently cool and we are allergic to basic and old fashioned ways of thinking.
  4. Connecting a worldwide community of data lovers. Headquartered in Berlin, with ties to Israel, the US and India, and meetups in over 40 cities around the world, Dataconomy has the unique position of being a leading media organization with access to booming tech industries on both sides of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Dataconomy runs regular industry events, uniting local tech communities in an effort to share knowledge and expand networks.
  5. Create a global network of influencers and industry leaders: by becoming a member in our network you get exclusive access and discounts to workshops, networking events, conferences, consultancy sessions and recruitment opportunities with industry leaders, tech experts, thought leaders, influential thinkers.
  6. We believe that a diverse tech industry is a strong tech industry – Our goal is to include women, LGBTIQ, POC, and other communities who have been fighting for inclusion in the tech world in our events.

We are looking for data enthusiasts who share our vision and understand our mission to take the lead in their respective cities and share great content, share knowledge, grow, unite and educate our communities, together.

Brand Ambassador’s Guide: 

Great content

Content is King. Help us create a program that “wows” the guests. That takes creativity and work! So be prepared to be both an organizer and producer of the Meetup. You would need great content and great support from the community to bring to the crowd a high quality event with all the perks and comforts our audience has so much got accustomed to. You will need to maintain the same level of professionalism and quality and take the event to the next level. We believe in you, champ!  As a Dataconomy Big Data Meetup organizer you’ll have the option to feature talks at your Meetup that bring attention to undiscovered voices in your community. You can have an impact of choosing extraordinary people that have a unique story to tell, new perspective to share or a fresh approach in their field.

Intrigue your audience

Making your audience happy is imperative for creating a successful event that people would want to return to. They should feel that they’re experiencing something compelling, from the moment the meetup is announced to the moment they step out of the event. You need to ensure the smooth operation of the events and make sure everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

Guidelines & rules need to be followed

Rules are not always fun. But there’s a reason they’re part of the Dataconomy guidelines – to make your job easier. The better you know the rules and guidelines throughout your progress, the less you will have to correct later.

Protect & Celebrate Dataconomy’s vision

By granting you the title of being a Dataconomy organizer, we’re entrusting you with spreading our vision. Which means that your job is to protect and fiercely celebrate the vision and responsibilities of Dataconomy. Understand the idea and the spirit of Dataconomy and spread it to the community with pride. You represent the brand which means that you share our vision, mission and promote us and the event as much as possible.

Passion & Work

Enjoy the work you are doing and bring passion and eagerness to it. At the same time, make sure you have the time and dedication necessary to organize a successful event. This will ensure that, aside from having a great time building your network at the meetup, you will be able to add a new successful event to your record that you can be proud of.

If the above sounds appealing to you and you think you’re the right person for the job, please, complete the typeform.

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