Another year, another stellar run for the tech world’s darling – data. Big Data analytics and Business Intelligence are both fueling the growth of Enteprises all over the world, and also getting heavy investment within the Big Data market. The ability to gain insights laying dormant in unstructured data is enabling organizations to compete and constantly improve in spaces where they weren’t able to realize their potential.

Companies around the world are turning to evolving technologies in order to improve customer relations, expand into new markets, and make their businesses more data-driven. What does the future hold for the Big Data market? Datameer did extensive research on the future of the Big Data market over the next few years, which you can find in the in the infographic below.


Big Data


We are barely in the early stages of adoption, and we still have a long way to go before truly seeing all the benefits that data-driven technologies have to offer. Looking ahead, one thing is certain – enterprises across industries firmly believe that Big Data analytics holds the key to improving business performance, and will continue to leverage its power.


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Image: Sean Creamer, CC 2.0

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