“Data is part of our new cultural identity, transforming the way we communicate, learn and interact.” – This is the credo of the Data Natives conference, and one of the speakers at the event, Klaas Bollhoefer from The unbelievable Machine Company (*um), is taking it one step further: He adds that data must be a fundamental part of the mindset of any company today. Approaching things from a data point of view and realigning processes is crucial for achieving successful digitalization and sustainability.  

Digital transformation starts in your head

The specifics of digital transformation will be shown by the *um Chief Data Scientist and data thinker in his presentation “The Art of Data Maturity Modeling @ Metro Group”. He will be using the business group to explain how a modern mindset can enable and advance real data projects and how companies can use the Data Leadership Process Model (*umDLPM) as a navigation aid for their digital transformation.

You can receive this guidance as a white paper, too

If you want to know more in advance, then we recommend you download the white paper “Data Thinking: A guide to success in the digital age”. It introduces you to the new advisory approach and provides decision makers with a step-by-step guide to success, from initiating fundamental ways of thinking all the way to becoming a digitally sovereign company. Using the practice-oriented and tested *umDLPM, the paper explains the steps a company needs to take in order to navigate and successfully achieve its own digital development – rather than simply react to the market and competition.

Download it for free here.

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Image: Mark B. Schlemmer

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