Meet Angel García, Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016 Judge and Speaker

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Angel García is the Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data Tech, the Barcelona based acceleration program.

Angel has years of experience working with startups and will serve as a speaker and a judge during Data Natives Tel Aviv’s Startup Battle. Here is what Angel has to say about Data Natives Tel Aviv, Startupbootcamp Barcelona and the Israeli tech ecosystem.

Q: How is Startupbootcamp Barcelona driving innovation?

We accelerate startups that are re-inventing the future by helping companies involved in the fields of Smart Data and the Internet of Things. These companies join Startupbootcamp’s acceleration program to improve the way we live – we believe these entrepreneurs are building the future with their technologies. We’re helping these entrepreneurs do so by connecting them with the right corporations and bringing new innovations to the market.

Q: What data-driven technologies are of particular interest to you and why?

 Startupbootcamp Barcelona focuses on data-driven technologies (software oriented) in the following categories:

  • Analytics – Behavior patterns, business intelligence solutions, data-mining, data modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence – Cognitive computing, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, pattern/image/speech/text recognition software, predictive analysis
  • Augmented & Virtual reality – Applied to B2B or B2C environments in the mentioned sectors & verticals
  • Connectivity – Data transmission, synchronisation, virtualization, Infrastructure Analytics, cloud, clusters, distributed, fog, IoT, management, networking, platforms, security, storage
  • Internet of Things – Compression, control, networking, software, platforms, protocols, remote access, power management
  • Security – Access control, encryption, identification, intrusion detection, storage, tracking
  • Storage – Access control, backups, categorization, compression, extraction, software

The transformation of analog systems to digital ones and the support they offer for making better decisions at the right moment is a fundamental question. Yet, how are we going to build software to make decisions or to find pragmatic solutions to solve a problem?

Startupbootcamp brings to market the full potential of computational power in order to find better propositions to achieve the goal mentioned above. We focus on the most disruptive technologies that amplify the possibilities of this new era.

Q: What do you hope to gain or learn during Data Natives Tel Aviv?

At Startupbootcamp Barcelona, we are working on what we call ‘the next big thing.’ During Data Natives, we are looking forward to meeting people who would want to join us in our path to achieve new challenges, to solve new problems and to open new markets.

Data Natives is bringing together people working on data-driven solutions that have the power to shape every aspect of our lives – from the way we understand ourselves to the way we run our cities. These are the talented people I’m looking forward to meeting.

Q: Do you believe that Israel is a strategic market for showcasing data-driven technologies? If so, why?

This year, investors have been looking towards Israel, New York, China and all over the world to find opportunities. The entrepreneurs in Israel are becoming pioneers in technologies, specifically, in those related to analytics in the world of Smart Data, Cybersecurity and many more.

Q: Can you offer advice for startups wanting to get involved with Startupbootcamp Barcelona?

Entrepreneurs whom want to change and improve people’s lives and the world around them need to make that possible not only with their technologies, but also with their attitude. That’s why we spend a lot of time meeting the teams that join Startupbootcamp Barcelona. We want to see if these teams are open minded and humble enough to keep on learning daily, while receiving feedback from mentors, partners and potential clients.

It’s not easy to lead a company. At Startupbootcamp, we prepare startups to be ready for everything they will encounter. Moreover, our global network of programs help startups quickly scale and expand to different markets.

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