Speaker Spotlight: Q&Amp;A With Dr. Stefan Kühn - Data Natives Berlin 2016Data Natives Speaker Dr. Stefan Kühn is Lead Data Scientist at codecentric. Together with his team he is developing robust, fast and intelligent algorithms and is applying modern machine learning methods for analyzing large datasets. Before codecentric he was a researcher in the Scientific Computing Group at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences Leipzig with a focus on Tensor Approximation and Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition. He earned a Diploma in Applied Mathematics, with a focus on Mathematical Optimization, at the University of Hamburg. He went on to get PhD in Applied Mathematics with a focus on Numerics, Tensor Approximation and Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition, at the Max Planck Insitute for Mathematics in the Sciences Leipzig in 2012.

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Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Dr. Stefan Kühn, Lead Data Scientist at codecentric AG in Hamburg

What topic will you be discussing during Data Natives Berlin, Stefan?

Visualizing high-dimensional Data. High-dimensional data is very hard to analyze and understand. It is even harder to visualize, explain and communicate the properties of the data and the results of the Advanced Analytics and Machiner Learning tools to others, even for/to professionals in this field. On the other hand, there is an increasing need to derive human-understable insights: It’s not only about the accuracy of a method, it’s about understanding the inner workings.

How did you get involved with Data Science and Machine Learning?

I’ve been working in Machine Learning since 2000, due to my studies in Mathematical Optimization, Numerics and Statistics and my PhD. I’ve been working Data Science, applied to the business world, since 2014, when I started working at codecentric. I have worked on Intelligent Application Performance Monitoring and Management, Bot detection, Recommender Systems, among other projects.

What do you hope to gain/learn during Data Natives Berlin?

I want to learn about some state-of-the-art applications of Data Science and Machine Learning. I want to get in contact with experts in this field

What data-driven technologies are of particular interest to you and why?

I’m very interested in Spark.  I also think Recommender Systems are a nice example for demonstrating the interplay between data science and business

Do you believe that Germany is a strategic market for showcasing data-driven technologies? If so, why?

Indeed. It is definitely a growing market, with plenty of innovation and lots of startups

How is your field of interest driving the data revolution?

It is more or less at the heart of this revolution. Statistics, Machine Learning, Mathematical Optimization: Mathematics is everywhere!

Can you offer advice for others wanting to get involved in this particular field?

Take some courses in Mathematical Optimization. You will get insights into the inner workings of machine learning algorithms.

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Image: Sjoerd Los

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