Meet the people at the forefront of Big Data and world changing technology

Where: Rise Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

When: September 25th 2016


Taking place in one of the world’s largest startup nations, Data Natives Tel Aviv celebrates four areas of technology that are driving business innovation and the next wave of billion dollar startups. Join industry leaders specializing in Big Data, IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

Amongst 30 of the brightest minds, we are proud to be joined by thought leaders from across the globe:

Aldo de Jong: Co-Founder at Claro Partners, the #1 accelerator in Europe

Crystal Valentine: VP of Technology Strategy, MapR Technologies

Thomas Renault: Université Paris, Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant


Four key areas of innovation – IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data

Taking place in one of the world’s largest startup nations, Data Natives Tel Aviv focuses on four key areas of innovation: Big Data, IoT, AI and Machine Learning. Data Natives Tel Aviv is a vibrant, innovative and international daylong conference for the data-driven generation. The conference is hosted by Dataconomy, Europe’s leading media and events platform in data science, with a loyal community of more than 32,000 data enthusiasts online and offline.

Inspired by the successful 2015 Data Natives conference in Berlin, Germany, Data Natives Tel Aviv was created to spur the interaction between startups and businesses within the growing fields of Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and IoT – on a truly international scale within a country built on innovation and startups.

Data Natives 2015 attracted some of the world’s greatest Big Data influencers and industry leaders. Now is your chance to come and learn from theleading data scientists, startup founders, analysts, investors, economists and other industry thought leaders from across the globe.

Big DataData natives are complex.

Big Data technologies – particularly machine learning – are at the heart of much of the innovation we see today. At Data Natives we will host industry experts discussing how data science is disrupting a variety of industries, and the business value of data.

IoTData natives are hyperconnected.

The growth of the Internet of Things ensures that every aspect of our lives, on personal and industrial scales, is trackable and optimizable. This technological evolution represents a huge opportunity for business.

Machine Learning – Data Natives can predict certain outcomes.

Machine learning algorithms are being applied more frequently to predict certain outcomes and behaviors. At Data Natives Tel Aviv, we will demonstrate and discuss how machine learning is being applied to technology to predict user behavior and business intelligence.

AIData Natives rely on smart technologies.

AI enables the development of computers to take on human tasks, particularly those associated with human intelligence. Self-driving cars, smart homes and other revolutionary technologies rely on AI to function. Learn more about how AI is driving technology during Data Natives Tel Aviv.

Join us for Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016. Save your spot by registering today!

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Image: Sebastian Geisel

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