Family of Solutions Empowers Analysts of All Levels to Contribute to Business Intelligence, Democratizing Data for Public and Private Sector Clients

Press Release – The data science workforce shortage means there’s simply not enough talent to handle the immense amount of raw data coming through an organization’s doors each day. To empower those lacking formal training in analytics and data science to play central roles in data curation and exploration, Booz Allen’s Sailfish, the first end-to-end data science solution, has effectively lowered the barrier to entry for data science through an easy-to-use analytics system.

Sailfish consists of three distinct solutions: Sailfish Exchange, Sailfish Explore and Answers on Demand. Each product serves its own unique purpose:

  • With Sailfish Exchange, a highly visual data library, users can easily upload, search and share key data sets, ranging from complicated information to news articles or images, with team members in just a few clicks.

  • Sailfish Explore allows users to analyze the data sets found in Exchange using simple language or an easy-to-follow, drag-and-drop system. Bucking conventional industry parameters, users do not need a background in mathematics to evaluate, manipulate and visualize data in the Explore environment.

  • Sailfish users also have access to Answers on Demand, a support platform that connects clients directly to Booz Allen’s 600+ member data science team to address specific questions, troubleshoot algorithms or provide management advice, as organizations expand their data science capabilities.

“In 2016, we expect to see increased pressure from organizations to draw valuable, executable insights from their data, and yet, the size of the data science workforce severely lags behind its market demand,” said Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President Josh Sullivan, a leader of the firm’s data science team. “The strengths of Sailfish are its ability to break down silos between analytics, management or business users, and its usability, meaning those without formal training in data science can join the analytics discussion in full force.”

Sailfish marks Booz Allen’s latest effort to support the growth and democratization of the data science discipline. In 2014, the firm launched Explore Data Science, an online training program geared toward a wide range of data science students. The team also recently released a new iteration of The Field Guide to Data Science, an industry resource of data science best practices and use cases. The new Sailfish solution takes the teachings of each a step further by leaning on Booz Allen’s strengths; legacy knowledge of data science stemming from work in the highest levels of the federal government and military, comprehensive domain expertise and a century of management consulting acumen.

“Booz Allen has been a pioneer in developing the disciplines of management consulting and data science, and we believe we are uniquely positioned to bring to market the first all-encompassing solution, able to integrate data science into the fabric of a company’s culture,” said Eric Druker, a chief technologist within the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group. “While the need for data scientists continues to grow, this family of solutions will allow analysts of all skill levels to amplify their work, increase collaboration with one another and ultimately improve the business intelligence capabilities of their organizations.”

To learn more about the Sailfish suite of products, click here.

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