Re-identifying the roles in the Data Science Industry

Data Science is a growing field, that goes without saying. Businesses are taking a data driven approach to maximize understanding, output and results within their industry, gaining a competitive advantage. Although, the end goal for all companies is more or less the same, the way data is analysed and used will be differ and so of course you cannot lump all careers in the data scientist field into one category.

Forecast for Data Scientists

The need for professionals in the Data Science industry is growing, in fact the Harvard Business Review stated that having the Data Scientist title is the sexiest job of the 21st century. The demand at this point outpaces supply and as such the salaries in this industry are growing exponentially, perhaps perfect time to think about a career in Data Science?

The Learning Process

In a previous Dataconomy interview we asked Data Scientist Thomas Wiecki, advice he would give the younger generation of Data Scientist and he said “Spend time learning the basics. This will make more advanced concepts much easier to understand as it’s merely an extension of core principles and integrates much better into an existing mental framework.”

So I am interested, what now?

How do you decide where you fit in in the Data Science community or what kind of career to look for? This is where Datacamp comes in, unraveling the mystery and confusion behind the “types” of Data Science careers, salaries and hiring companies with an infographic titled “The Data Science Industry: Who Does What”:


Does one of these profiles fit you or are you ready to change the heading on your business cards to ________!

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