On December 1, 2015 Startupbootcamp, Europe’s leading business acceleration platform kicked off the second edition of its program, centering on the Internet of Things and Smart Data in Barcelona.

More than 2,000 startups were evaluated during the initial stage of the project, 19 teams were selected to travel to Barcelona and participate on 9-10 November for the Selection Days and an intense closing selection process that yielded 11 final startups.

These startups will receive funding, be set up at the Media-TIC’s Barcelona Growth Centre for 3 months, and will enjoy access to a complete line-up of coaching, workshops, master classes and individual sessions. Their solutions encompass a wide range of issues related to the Internet of Things and data analysis.

The 11 startups with plans on changing the IoT and Smart Data landscape are:

1. DATAQUARKS (United Kingdom)
A self service end-to-end what-if platform can plug into any data set to provide comprehensive scenario management, persistence of scenario outcomes and visualisation.

2. EXCELERA (Spain)
Easing the integration of Sensor Systems in all kind of devices and markets: from the Internet of Things to Automobile.

3. HUTOMA (Italy)
A deep learning based AI that can be trained by developers using sample phrases stored in a text file. No need for developers to hard code conversation patterns ahead of time.

SaaS knowledge management platform that uses online machine learning, to get real-time feedback.

Intelligent mobile application that manages tasks, devices and services automatically based on tracking and predicting user behavior.

6. MEMiO (Italy)
Smart pillbox that provides the right pill at the right time, associated wearable reminder activates an acoustic signal to remind the elderly when it’s time to take the medication and get closer to pillbox to take them. App for the caregiver plans, changes and checks the therapy, plus automatic composition of the dose of drugs.

Audio-visual enhancement to speech recognition systems.

Evaluation platform that discovers the person behind the CV, specially for those who have no experience in hiring.

9. SEKG (Spain)
An online platform that helps companies understand consumer behaviours and audiences by passively tracking their emotional reactions through wearables.

10. STORM (Spain)
Combining an ad hoc POS device and a digital platform to connect micro merchants with their stock suppliers and banks. Use transaction data, to generate automated loans and commercial proposals to the micro businesses.

11. WIMARK (Russia)
The Virtual Universal Wi-Fi Controller WiMark – software for centralized Wi-Fi network management. WiMark Controller can easily replace highly priced hardware WLAN controllers without compromising functionality of network.

2016 looks like it will be a busy and exciting year for these finalists!

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