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Data Natives, a first-of-its-kind conference for the data-driven generation, is set to bring together the brightest minds in data science and related technologies for a 2-day event in Berlin November 19-20.

What’s on the agenda

Data Natives features a packed agenda designed for those looking to push the boundaries of their ideas and work in data science and beyond. With 40+ industry talks and unlimited networking opportunities, the conference aims to break down barriers in the industry and forge lasting relationships among its participants. Talks will focus on three buzzing areas of data science – Machine Learning, Internet of Things and FinTech.

The conference will also host a Startup Battle, showcasing some of the most exciting companies poised to do big things in big data. Young startups will have the chance to pitch to influencers and investors in the tech community and compete for the prize of Best Big Data Startup in 2015.

Confirmed Speakers

Louisa Heinrich, Founder at Superhuman

Louisa is all about making connections for humans – with other people, with content, with products, services, brands and businesses. She believes that enabling and empowering people to do the things they need and love to do is the only way to achieve sustainable success. Her company, Superhuman Limited, works with businesses and governments to design strategies, products, services and organisational structures that use digital technology to improve individual lives, make a positive contribution to society, and achieve commercial results. She has been working in the consumer-facing digital world more or less as long as there’s been such a thing. She’s held many titles over the past 20 years, including Design Director in the first dotcom boom, Executive for Future Platforms at the BBC, and Head of Strategy for international Service Design agency Fjord.

Suzy Moat, Assistant Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School

Suzy Moat is an Associate Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, where she co-directs the Data Science Lab. Her research investigates whether data on our usage of the Internet, from sources such as Google, Wikipedia and Flickr, can help us measure and even predict human behaviour in the real world. Moat’s work touches on problems as diverse as anticipating stock market moves (with Preis, Curme, Stanley, et al.), estimating crowd sizes (with Botta and Preis) and evaluating whether the beauty of the environment we live in affects our health (with Seresinhe and Preis). The results of her research have been featured by television, radio and press worldwide, by outlets such as CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, New Scientist and Wired. Moat studied Computer Science at UCL, where she was awarded the Faculty of Engineering Medal, and received a PhD in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh. With her collaborator and Data Science Lab co-director Tobias Preis, she recently led an online course on using big data to measure and predict human behaviour which attracted over 15,000 learners. Suzy has also acted as an advisor to government and public bodies on the predictive capabilities of big data.

Matthias Korn, Technical Consultant at datavirtuality
Sixth Round Of Confirmed Speakers For Data Natives 2015

Matthias Korn, Technical Consultant at datavirtuality. His talk, “Beyond the Data Lake” will talk about the shift in digital era, which harnesses large amounts of data to make astute business decisions and improve operations, which is now an imperative. While our ability to generate data still far outstrips our ability to analyze it, we are making strides. Exciting new approaches are merging big data solutions with traditional enterprise data strategies. Logical data warehouses, in which there is no single data repository, hold enormous promise. By offering an ecosystem of multiple best-fit repositories, technologies, and tools, business can effectively analyze data for powerful insight.

Duena Blomstrom, FinTech & Innovation Consultant
Sixth Round Of Confirmed Speakers For Data Natives 2015

Duena is an independent Digital Banking consultant, FinTech specialist, an entrepreneur and an Angel Investor, a mentor for Startupbootcamp and Techstars, a blogger with cutting edge opinion style, a public speakers at industry events, the inventor of the EX concept and for the past 18 years has been in the the Telco and the Finance world on the strategy and consulting side, be it for sales or marketing. Most recently, Duena has been the Head of Sales and Marketing for Meniga from when it was a tiny Icelandic start-up to winning Finovate 3 times and becoming market leader in customer engagement in finance and have therefore “seen it all” in digital. With a background in Psychology as well as Business, Duena is on a crusade to teach the industry that Big-4-wooden-language will get us nowhere; she is passionate about getting FIs to think of the concept of “Emotional Banking” or how to stop thinking feature set and start thinking customer’s feelings; and she is interested in all things at the intersection of technology, innovation and behavioural science.

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