With six top IT events under one roof, 300+ exhibitors and 300+ free seminar sessions, IP EXPO Europe is a must-attend IT event for CIOs, heads of IT, security specialists, heads of insight and tech experts. The event will take place on 7-8 October 2015, at ExCel, London.

The event showcases brand new exclusive content and senior level insights from across the industry, as well as unveiling the latest developments in IT. IP EXPO Europe now incorporates Cloud and Infrastructure Europe,Cyber Security Europe, Data Centre Europe, Data Analytics Europe, DevOps Europe and Unified Communications Europe.

As part of this outstanding event, Dataconomy will be hosting its fifth edition of Data Natives on the 7th of October, from 5PM until 8PM. It will be an evening of exciting talks from Data Science industry leaders, followed by enough time for beers, food and networking.

The first presenter is John Easton, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Lead Cloud Advisor for the United Kingdom, Ireland & Nordics, IBM Cloud Member and IBM Academy of Technology. His talk, ‘’Why Infrastructure matters for Big Data and Analytics’’ will look at how different analytical approaches can have very different platform requirements, showing attendees why their choice of infrastructure really matters for big data and analytics. By understanding that different analytical problems have very different infrastructure needs to deliver real business value, organisations can set themselves up better by building a solid analytical infrastructure that is fit to meet any challenge that this rapidly changing space can throw at them.

John is internationally known for his work helping commercial clients exploit large scale distributed computing infrastructures, particularly those utilising new and emerging technologies. He has worked with clients in a wide range of industries with a particular focus on banks and financial markets firms. He also has significant experience in the telecommunications sector. Previous to his current role, John led a pan-European team building infrastructures to support big data and advanced analytical workloads. During his time at IBM, John has led initiatives around hybrid systems, computational acceleration, grid computing, energy efficiency and mission-critical systems.


The second presenter is Rick Farnell, SVP and Co-Founder of Think Big, a Teradata Company. His talk, ‘’Big Data 2015: What we’ve learned in 5 years’’ will discuss how Think Big, a pioneer in big data services with Hadoop, is helping a global organization utilize multi-petabyte Hadoop clusters to drive tangible business results. Highlights in this presentation will include how this company is using best practices for data ingestion across multiple manufacturing facilities in Asia and the US, utilizing robust patterns for handling data quality, metadata management, pipelining, buffering, and security to establish Hadoop as an enterprise data lake. Working with more than 100 clients on Hadoop projects, Think Big, a Teradata Company, will describe other enterprise design patterns and successful organizational models used by their clients, and how to avoid the pitfalls associated with designing, managing, and scaling your enterprise data lake.

As Co-Founder and President of Think Big, Rick brings 20 years of management experience in scaling technology consulting organizations in North America, EMEA and APAC and is responsible for Think Big’s sales and services business. Previously, Rick directed a global division within Sun Microsystems and in 2009, he led Sun’s cloud open source software go to market strategy with Amazon Web Services.

The third presenter is Matthias Korn, Technical Consultant at datavirtuality. His talk, ‘’Beyond the Data Lake’’ will talk about the shift in digital era, which harnesses large amounts of data to make astute business decisions and improve operations, which is now an imperative. While our ability to generate data still far outstrips our ability to analyze it, we are making strides. Exciting new approaches are merging big data solutions with traditional enterprise data strategies. Logical data warehouses, in which there is no single data repository, hold enormous promise. By offering an ecosystem of multiple best-fit repositories, technologies, and tools, business can effectively analyze data for powerful insight.

datavirtuality enables companies to instantly connect internal and external data sources. The solution revolutionizes the technological concept of data virtualization and data integration and builds an enterprise wide database from relational and nonrelational data sources within a few hours. With 100+ connectors, the data can be processed immediately in analysis, planning and statistics solutions and also written back whenever needed in the source systems. The self-learning database automatically adapts to changes in the IT environment and user behavior. By using datavirtuality, companies achieve maximum flexibility and speed with data integration with a minimal administrative effort.

Finally, the fourth presenter is Francisco Webber, Inventor and Co-Founder of Cortical.io, whose talk is going to be about “Spark Implementation Facing Big Text Data”. Cortical.io’s approach is inspired by the latest findings on the way the human cortex works. Their technology, the Semantic Folding Engine, breaks with traditional methods based on pure word count statistics or linguistic rule engines. Its central component, the Cortical.io Retina, converts text data into a Semantic Fingerprint, that contains all associated contexts. The system “understands” the relatedness of two items by measuring the overlap of their fingerprints. Because of their small size, Cortial.io’s fingerprints require a fraction of the computing power normally required to perform complex NLP operations. As a result, the Cortical.io Retina is very fast, reliable and easy to implement – a breakthrough technology that leverages the intelligence of the brain to enable the Natural Language Processing of Big Text Data.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Data Natives, London, on the 7th of October, at 5PM! Don’t forget to register on the IP EXPO website (http://www.ipexpo.co.uk/) until the 6th of October, at 7PM, in order to have free access to our meetup!

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