Data Natives is coming soon! The conference focuses on three key areas of innovation: Big Data, IoT and FinTech. The intersection of these fields is home to the most exciting technology innovation happening today.

Whether it’s for individual consumers or multi-billion dollar industries, the opportunity is immense. Come and learn more from leading scientists, founders, analysts, investors and economists.

Early bird tickets are still available – don’t miss out on a great opportunity for yourself, your colleagues or your employees! If you need a little more convincing:

Data Natives has 7 Key Goals

We will leave you:

1 – Inspired for the future

Data Natives focuses on real-world applications of cutting edge technology to paint an exciting picture of the future. We aim to help attendees understand either the potential impact of the technology they are creating as technical professionals, or the scale of the opportunity that technology is providing for the rest of us.

When technological advancements are shaping the way we work in fundamental ways, it’s important to stay inspired, optimistic, and open-minded about finding more effective ways to operate.

2 – Empowered to seek business opportunities

This conference is a chance to look at some of the most innovative applications of technology, and the business value they have unlocked. Whether it’s hearing how an industry giant leveraged data to increase their margins, or how a scrappy startup is using connected devices to offer something revolutionary – you will leave the conference looking at problems in new ways, inspired to solve problems that previously you were resigned to simply coping with.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network with companies offering – or looking for – innovative solutions, or experts who could help add value to your business.

3 – Encouraged to be data-driven

As more and more data is available to us, an analytical mindset is a more and more valuable mindset. Whether you’re in marketing, HR, product design, project management or a technical field, chances are you work with data every day. Learning to ask the right questions and how to interpret data correctly is key to success.

By looking at how industry leading companies are using data in all aspects of their business, you will come away from Data Natives with a clear picture of how your companies processes may be improved. There will also be a workshop available from Alistair Croll on Lean Analytics.

4 – Learning from other industries

It is easy to exist within a bubble, networking and knowledge sharing within your own industry, when an exciting and crucial development may be happing in an adjacent industry. Don’t miss the chance to broaden your mind.

Our speakers will describe the transformation of major verticals, as well as the horizontal applications of data-driven technology. Whether your background is advertising, e-commerce, finance, transportation… There are valuable lessons to be learned from how other industries are finding value in their data, utilizing connected devices, or managing their finances.

5 – Experienced with hands-on workshops and expert guidance

In additional to a packed schedule of insightful talks from 50 guest speakers, we will also be hosting four workshop sessions with experts, covering key areas of interest and giving our audience a chance to get hands-on with the subjects that matter to you.

See the full schedule for details on those workshops as they are announced!

6 – Enjoying the ultimate curation of data driven content

The schedule of Data Natives has not been pulled out of thin-air – it comes from the lessons learned from >1,800 articles, and >100 past presentations at our events all over Europe.

Not just a standard, boring industry conference, it is a curation of the most valuable and interesting content we have found over the last two years. Many of our speakers come from long standing relationships and past collaborations, with talks that have been applied and refined over multiple events.

7 – Absorbing diverse input and fresh perspectives

This is not a conference to come and hear the same talking heads saying the same things you’ve been reading about online for months already.

We are hosting talks from data scientists, investors, analysts, consultants, academics and economists. It is our aim to provide a complete view of the technology innovations and opportunities. Inspiring, informative and accessible. Most of all, useful.

See the schedule (so far) and get your tickets here:

(image credit: Christian Scholz, CC2.0)

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