International developers and researchers gathered earlier this year for the ‘Big Data VR Challenge’, hosted by games industry giants Epic Games and biomedical research charity Wellcome Trust. Their mission was to provide virtual reality solutions to researchers who need to manipulate and visualise vast data sets in real-time. This contest represents a significant and promising collaboration between technology development leaders and healthcare researchers.

The Winner

London based Masters of Pie and 3D software consultancy Lumacode joined forces to produce the winning solution, Lumapie. Building an immersive environment with the ALSPAC Children of the 90s dataaset, the team produced a scalable and fully functional visualization in the Unreal 4 engine.

“All the teams created solutions that address the hurdles of analyzing large data sets in new and ingenious ways,” said Mike Gamble, the European Territory Manager, Epic Games. “LumaPie in particular have built a brilliant VR application that solves the challenge. They kicked it into the goal.”

(image credit: Morizio Pesce)

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