Meteor, the open-source Javascript platform for building web apps, rolled out its latest offering last week. Adding to its previous availability for OS X and Linux, Meteor 1.1 offers development on Windows and support for MongoDB’s new 3.0 database engine.

The new release adds support for developing applications software on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Server 2008, and Server 2012, wherein a native installer includes all the key parts of the Meteor SDK, including Windows-specific Node.js binaries and the MongoDB database engine.

The highlight of the release is that now a single Meteor codebase will work unchanged on any combination of Windows, OS X, and Linux computers.

“We’ve added Windows machines to our build farm, so package authors — on any platform — can publish their libraries for Windows developers right alongside the builds for OS X and Linux,” wrote founder Matt DeBergalis in a blog post while making the announcement.

Meteor Development platform now intends integrations with Visual Studio, Azure, and other parts of the Microsoft ecosystem, DeBergalis revealed.

Meteor also supports both MongoDB 3.0 (which boasts major improvements in performance and scalability due to a WiredTiger storage engine) as well as the older MongoDB 2.6.

Among other improvements, Meteor 1.1 includes additions such as a new constraint solver, based on MiniSat, a flexible open-source SAT solver written in C++, the piece of Meteor that determines the correct version of each Meteor package to include in a project, akin to Ruby’s bundler tool, the founder wrote.

Photo credit: nate2b / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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