Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL document database service that was first previewed mid last year, is now generally available, the software giant revealed Wednesday.

The latest offering addresses the growing demands for mobile first, cloud first application development, wrote the Director of Program Management, DocumentDB, John Macintyre, in a blog post making the announcement.

“NoSQL databases are becoming the tool of choice for many developers however running and managing these databases can be complicated and costly, especially at scale. DocumentDB is delivered as a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) with built in high availability, SQL query over indexed JSON and multi-document transaction processing,” he added.

DocumentDB allows applications to query and process JSON data at scale and comes with code samples, a query playground and lots of documentation, to enable ease of use. The DocumentDB Data Migration tool, an open source solution, helps import data from a variety of sources, including JSON files, CSV files, SQL Server, MongoDB and existing DocumentDB collections, Macintyre says. The migration tool source code is available on GitHub.

The release is available for purchase, in three options, wherein each comes with “reserved performance, hourly billing and 99.95% availability.”

Photo credit: jovike / Foter / CC BY-NC

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