The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Basketball Tournament, branded the March Madness has been raising a social media storm through last month.

One startup (amongst many peers), has been providing tools to gauge and provide actionable data to marketers throughout the event.

Cross-channel analytics provider Origami Logic found that although Twitter had the most number of posts about the tournament (71%) against Facebook’s 17%, the latter garnered 60% engagement as compared to the former’s 13% and Instagram’s 27%.

“Instagram posted the highest rate of engagement among all channels studied by Origami, with 1.71 interactions per post. Facebook finished right behind with 1.67, and Twitter produced 0.88,” reports DM News.

One way this study helps marketers is by making it clear as to the calendar pattern to be followed for advertising. Origami Logic, the SaaS based startup with the innovative marketing intelligence platform has now taken things further and “integrated creative assets and campaign performance data” in its latest Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform, it revealed Tuesday.

In essence, with the platform marketers will be able to connect visuals with metrics, enabling an exhaustive angle of campaign performance across marketing channels. The platform also allows addition of creative elements such as artwork, videos and photos.

“Marketers work best when they can make decisions based on qualitative and quantitative insight. Numbers are not enough; the creative elements and emotional connections with consumers are just as critical in maximizing the business impact of marketing,” notes the co-founder and CEO of Origami Logic, Opher Kahane.

“The creative components driving consumer engagement and action are an important part of that story; the addition of creative-level insights helps marketers make better decisions,” he added.

The Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform now automatically generates Content Cards, bringing together ad creatives, videos, social media posts and other visual assets with their individual performance data in real time.

Origami Logic’s clients include Visa, JCPenney, Cisco, Intel and Aeropostale.

Photo credit: M31. / Foter / CC BY

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