Imporatnce_Of_Marketing_Channels_2014German FinTech incubator FinLeap has launched a joint venture in performance marketing alongside financeAds GmbH, the German leader in affiliate marketing in the financial sector. The new venture, financeAds International, connects financial service providers (advertisers) with relevant news portals and other traffic owners (publishers). It brings existing financeAds services to a greater portion of Europe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Ralf Fischer, founder and CEO of Nuremberg-based financeAds GmbH & Co. KG, believes taking financeAds to the international is the next logical step for his company, which is one of the fastest growing of its kind. “We have successful and long-standing partnerships with all major banks and insurers in the German speaking regions,” he says.

Furthermore, financeAds International is launching at a key time in which online advertising ranks as the most important marketing channel by a significant margin.

“Company building, to us, also includes taking an established local player to global success,” says FinLeap partner Ramin Niroumand. Since its beginnings in 2014, FinLeap GmbH has launched three companies – Savedo, BillFront and Valendo. Five more FinTech startups are currently in stealth mode.

financeAds international will be headed by Sebastian Borek and Hakan Özal, two key figures with extensive experience in affiliate marketing and internationalizing startups. Says Borek, “Financial players are investing massively in digital customer acquisition. With our European network, we are offering all our partners an established, performance-based solution.”

(Photo source: Moyan Brenn via Creative Commons)

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