Over the past few years, DataTorrent have made a real name for themselves in the big data analytics space with their propietary real-time streaming (RTS) on Hadoop technology. Today, they announce an extra $15 million funding to smooth out the wrinkles in the big data pipeline.

This latest cash injection brings their total funding since their inception in 2012 to $23.8 million. The round was led by Singtel Inov8, and saw participation from all of their original Series A investors. The Managing Director of Singtel Inov8, Jeff Karras, will also be joining the innovative company’s Board of Directors.

The latest round should come as no surprise to those who have been following DataTorrent. This past year has been monumental for the growing company, which saw them unveil the DataTorrent RTS platform, and be officially annointed as a “Cool Vendor” by the powers-that-be at Gartner. 2014 also saw not one but two of the DataTorrent team- Himanshu Bari and Thomas Weise– become Dataconomy contributors; an achievement we’re sure tops their list of personal highlights.

DataTorrent was established in 2012 by two former Yahoo employees- Phu Hoang and Amol Kekre- who were passionate about addressing the need for enterprises to access their data in real time. Their RTS platform- which can process 1 billion events a second- is an undoubtedly powerful tool with wide-ranging applications, from ecommerce to the Internet of Things.

“More and more organizations are looking towards big data analytics to provide valuable insights for their business operations, but lack easy to use, intuitive tools for big data to uncover these insights in a timely manner themselves,” Karras stated in a release. “The DataTorrent platform uniquely enables broad accessibility of analytics for both batch and stream processing allowing organizations glean faster insights and to unlock the value of their data.”

It’s not just Karras and the team at Singtel Inov8 who are impressed with DataTorrent. Yahoo co-founder Jerry Wang counts himself as an investor, and they’ve brokered major partnerhsips with the likes of Hortonworks and Pivotal.

Photo credit: smellslikeupdog / Source / CC BY-ND

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