Bedrock Data, a startup founded by former employees of sales and marketing software provider HubSpot, has launched its data integration platform for businesses, officially launching the firm as well and also garnered  $3.11 million in Series A funding led by .406 Ventures.

The new funding will fuel continued product development and building of the workforce, it announced yesterday.

“The average company uses five to nine different SaaS solutions, and this has doubled from just a few years ago,” points out Graham Brooks, Partner, .406 Ventures.

“SaaS companies are regularly losing sales due to a missing integration, and the number of points they need to integrate with is growing exponentially. Bedrock Data enables companies to provide all of the needed integrations without having to distract their engineering team every time a new SaaS solution comes to market or an API changes.”

The enterprise incorporates various tools to manage business functions, be it marketing automation platforms and ticketing platforms to CRMs and payment platforms. As an outcome potentially actionable data is stuck in these silos, duplicated, conflicting or outdated, difficult and time-consuming to manage, explains Bedrock.

Herein, the startup’s platform automatically updates, transfers and syncs data between these systems and dozens more.  As soon as Bedrock detects a change in one piece of information, it will update that data wherever else it occurs. It plans to start initial availability at $149/month.

Bedrock, founded by CEO –  John Marcus, VP of Product – Ben Smith, VP of Marketing – Adrian Mott and VP of Engineering – Taylor Barstow, has already built a customer base that includes HubSpot’s INBOUND, Eventbrite, Bigcommerce, Contactually, OBP Medical, Inc., Socious and over 250 others.

The funding round also saw participation from Boston Syndicates and Maiden Lane.

Photo credit: Bedrock Data

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