#Unit festival is a new tech event with a message, promoting the power of unicorns in the technology community. 40+ top tech speakers delivering insights from a range of backgrounds. Music performances, interactive installations and thought-provoking entertainment. A dynamic networking experience with the opportunity to make an abundance of new connections; one of the biggest networking sessions you have ever experienced in your life. All in a space where you are free to be yourself while getting inspired and gaining new perspectives. An inclusive atmosphere that fosters endless opportunities. #unit Festival is the only tech event, as part of Berlin Web Week, that actively promotes the visibility of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans individuals in the tech world.

Dataconomy Content & Events Managers Eileen McNulty-Holmes and Elena Poughia will be giving a talk entitled “Here, Queer & Data-Driven”. In our work forging data science communities and creating articles infused with data, we’ve learnt a lot about how data shapes modern consciousness. It touches every part of our life, from how our information is being shared, to how it’s touching our experiences as retail consumers, hospital patients and citizens within urban environments. As well as serving as a primer to data science and “big data”, this talk will specifically address the intersection between data science and queer identity. From how data can blast certain stereotypes of queer identity (and how it adds weight to others), to how data privacy is a particularly burning issue for the LGBT* community.

Full speaker information and tickets can be found here.

We have exclusive discounted tickets for Dataconomy readers. Want to find out more? Email eileen@dataconomy.com for details.

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